1 Day Tattoo Eyeliner


Jasmine P.
This has become my go to liquid eyeliner for the past 6 months!

The first time I had heard about this eyeliner was through a friend of mine because being the winged liner obsessed girl that I am, I am always on the hunt for good eyeliner that stays. Let me say first of all that I have been through a fair amount of liquid liners throughout the years. There are always specific things that I look for when trying to find the right one. This eyeliner hits the mark for me on many of those attributes.

For one, it lasts like no other. Because of how almond my eyes are shaped, I tend to lose liner in my inner corner of my eyes as well as at the winged out part of it based on how I close my eyes and by how I smile. With this liner, It stays for hours. It doesn't lie about that.

Second of all, It is water resistant! For those who have issues with their eyes tearing up, you will not have trouble with your eyeliner wearing away.

Lastly, it is a true black and stays that way! I've had the biggest issues with trying to get black eyeliner that is dark enough and K Palette does the job right.

The only downside I can say to this liner is that people might want to know about is the fact that it does clot slightly over time. If you have that issue, getting a need and/or pin to remove the clot will help and will make your eyeliner last longer!

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Mathilde M.

Can't stress this enough! Probably the most amazing eyeliner on the marked. I splashed water on it and rubbed my finger on it and REALLY tried to sabotage it, but it stayed as perfectly on as promised. I am so excited about this product.

Vivi Y.

Best liquid eyeliner you can get! Only problem is that it is a bit hard to find. But the color and staying power is true! Would definitely recommend it to oily eyelids. To really get a taste of the staying power try searching for "Tried and tested eyeliners". This is a comparison with other Asian brand eyeliners and you will really see the power of this eyeliner !

Sammi W. Team
the best liquid liner in the world

I stock up on this liner whenever I'm in Asia... truly, it is goofproof since it has a penlike brush tip, it's smudgeproof, long-lasting, and cheap! It's also water resistant. It's been my secret weapon for the last 5 years and thats how much I love the beautylish community... you're welcome.

Angela V.

I totally love love love this liquid eyeliner its amazing... I have bought it a couple times and its my number 1 choice for my eyes each day and I use it EVERY day... the type is very precise and it stays on just like it says it would... I would recommend to anyone... Buy it and try it you will love it

Katrina L.
better than any other

Like any other Asian girl , I have always longed for bigger, wider eyes. And this is THE answer for that dream. It lasts all day, can withstand even swimming and stays put despite oily lids. This will always be a staple in my makeup kit:D

Sckye Y.
Hop in, believe the hype :)

I knew this is popular among bloggers but I was hesitant at first because I really didn't want something annoyingly water resistant. Amazingly, even if it is a long lasting eyeliner, it is easily washed with water and soap (as the label suggests). Opacity: 8/10 Precision: 10/10 Long wearing: 9/10 (I have a combi skin and I'm from a humid country - yet it stays quite long. Thumbs up for that!) Packaging: 6/10 (Looks a bit tacky) Quick drying: 9/10 (I'm not sure if it is a good thing but drying this product is lightning fast. Minus one point because it is too quick, I can't correct a little smudge. Haha.)

Beta R.
Not for me...

I heard MANY many recommendations from friends for this product. I like the color, I like the brush. But it did not stay on my eyes >___< Is it only me? When I tried it on my hand, it DID last sooo long, but just not on my eyes. That is too bad :(