Beauty Product Reviews


This is a coarse material. If your brushes move at all, which they will even the slightest thee fibers get caught in the netting and like a tough brillo pad it ruins their shape and even chops off some of the bristles and distorts their shape. Such expensive brushes that I were ironically ruined instead of being protected. I wish I could get my money back.


Unfortunately this added a white caste to my olive-medium made my skin itch and I don't have sensitive skin, I broke out, I wouldn't recommend it for deeper skin tones ... for paler skin tones it may work wonders helped with photos but I still had an unnatural caste/tint to my me I tried several ways of applying this , brush, buffing, stippling, sponging, less/more but in the end after really trying to believe in this I had to let it sit in my drawer ... PROS : better on paler skin, good for HD pics, lhas lots of product & will last you a while, finely milled CONS: may not suit a variety of skin tpnes, has a whitish caste, may irritate some acne prone skin or sensitive skin types , extremely messy to use the product; guaranteed it will fall everywhere even when you try and be neat!!

I use the volume accelerator over a coat of lengthening mascara, once it has dried.. I get long fake looking lashes because of it ...I find it works better over other mascaras versus on its own ...but my lashes are thinner so it may work better on thicker lashes on its own ...but if u try it on other "Lengthening " mascaras after they have dried on your lashes, wiggle it over gently as a top coat ...u will notice results..I have recommended this to friends and no complaints on this one for now ! Dont over do it just need one coat of this over previous coats ..TRY IT OUT ! As with any mascara do remember to always wipe the tip of the applicator to rid of excess mascara ..this quick add on: saves mascara, helps you to avoid messes into the general eye area, & most of all helps in avoiding clumping/ to much formula gunking up your beautiful natural lashes with unnecessary product !!

I LOOOOVE THIS MASCARA FOR LENGTHENING!!!... So I will use this one when I'm in a hurry ..for the price and for 2-3 quickie layers it separates the lashes and definitely works with a number of different types of lashes.... I have recommended this one to several friends and no one has complained!!...I get the regular Lash stiletto ! this one seems to have a red brush?! Product glides on and is non irritating!