Beauty Product Reviews

Covered a black eye AND minor imperfections

After getting kicked by a horse (long story), I was left with a mean black eye. I went into Ulta to look for something that would at least cover it a little before going out with my friends for my birthday. I guess the girls there felt bad for me so they were trying stuff on me. Once they pulled out the Erase Paste, the search was over. I wasn't expecting anything to work miracles but this made the black eye DISAPPEAR! I was amazed. I had previously purchased some and decided not to repurchase because I was not blown away, but the trick is HOW you apply Erase Paste. For my case, we found a rocking motion worked the best followed by a setting powder. It can get too think if you use too much and will rub and get cakey if you apply it like normal concealer, so pay attention to that!

That said, this is also great for your small jobs! I consider it a jack of all trades concealer. A little goes a long way, and this works for all jobs great and small. The key is to pay attention to how you apply it then instant bright eyes! AND the container lasts forever. Recommended.

Perfect in every way!

If I could only own one piece of makeup, this would be it. It comes in everyone's favorite color, Orgasm, and is perfect for every use you can think of! Perfect blendable coverage for cheeks, beautiful on lips, and I even use it as a sort of highlighter under my brows. All of these in one, if saves some space in my makeup bag! A+++!

I have been using my Mia for about three months now and for the first time since I was 12, I have consistently clear skin! (This of course means that I have tried everything) I recommend the Mia to all my friends. I find the process to be soothing and like a daily facial! AND my skin feels absolutely fabulous afterwards. A+ product