Beauty Product Reviews

Love it

The main reason why I picked up this mascara was because of the brush. Its long which makes it easy to apply mascara to ALL your lashes. Its very volumizing and adds drama. The only downside is that its a little clumpy.

Great product

This eyeliner has a thick felt tip and its unique design makes it different from any other eyeliner in my collection! It has a bold black colour too. The only cons are that it tends to fade after a few hours. Also if you're not careful it might dry up. Its still one of my favourite eyeliners because its easy and quick to apply.

I Wear It Everyday!

My favourite mascara! it doesnt clump and the packaging is cute and colourful! It makes my eyes pop and gives my lashes volume. I love Maybelline mascaras but this one is my favourite!


I first fell in love with the arrangement of the palette! I know Rimmel is a British company and I love how they incorporated the Union Jack into the design. The eye shadow is shimmery but you can still see the pigments when you apply it. I love this product and I plan on purchasing more of these palettes.

The Best Nail Polish Ever!!

OPI is hands down my favourite nail polish! It applies evenly and in one or two coats looks great unlike other polishes I own where after three or four coats looks like crap. I especially like Alpine Snow. I always use white nail polish before I add the colour because I makes it pop and stops it from staining my nails. The only downside to OPI is that its so expensive! But for a nail polish this great its worth it!

Eos is unlike any lip balm I own! the design of them is really cool and they keep my lips smooth and supple. I have purchased Sweet Mint and the limited edition Alice in Wonderland collection. Great product!

I love Babylips! I have Cherry me, Pink Punch, and Peach Kiss. They all smell great and have a nice tint to them, but aren't great moisturizers. But I still love them! they are so fun and I plan on purchasing more.


I love Body Butter! I have it in shea butter and strawberry. They both smell really good and are great moisturizers. I also love the variety of this product, there are so many "flavours" you can purchase for a resonable price. definitley one of my favourite products from the body shop!


I only used it once but it completely dried out my skin! My face was dry and flaky for a week! What ever you do DO NOT buy this product ( unless you have an amazing moisturizer!)