Rimmel London

Glam Eyes HD Eyeshadow

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Cass H.

It's really good quality, with great pigmentation, and looks awesome. It's not chalky at all. It's pretty cheap too. I love how the shimmer is not too much but just enough to see it.

Sierra B.
very pigmented and high end quality

very rich, creamy and pigmented. lots of product in there, though it doesn't seem so. I love this so much. It doesnt make you look like you have pink eye.

Alisa N.

I actually really liked this product, I have three, two of the silver and one of the purples. It has a strong pigment which I really like. It's nice and shinny and perfect for a night out. I suggest using a eyelid primer. Without it, it comes of easy. I love the design of the British flag!

Grace D.

I first fell in love with the arrangement of the palette! I know Rimmel is a British company and I love how they incorporated the Union Jack into the design. The eye shadow is shimmery but you can still see the pigments when you apply it. I love this product and I plan on purchasing more of these palettes.

Althea N.
Drugstore is making a comeback!

This eyeshadow palette is awesome for someone who doesn't know how to create the perfect smoky eye! There's step-by-step placement of each color that is a part of the flag! This palette is VERY shimmery, but it's still pigmented! Sometimes it seems like companies go for shimmer to cheapen the product, but the color still shines through!

The only con to this palette is the fact that all the colors on the outside of the flag are so small that it makes it hard to get your brush in there without mixing the colors. Other than that, I say this palette is definitely worth trying!!

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