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Enhanced fines lines =(

I REALLY wanted to like this product. I've been using The Ordinary products for over 3 years, when I had to order them from England. All my skincare is The Ordinary. I so wanted to love this foundation. Sadly, not even the tiny price can persuade me to continue using it.

The Good Points: It feels good on the skin. It is full coverage, but not too heavy or mask-like. A little goes a long way. It spreads well.

The Bad Point: It super enhances the fine lines in the mouth area, including lip lines and marionette lines. I'm 59 and am told I look 49. But unfortunately this foundation made me look 69. I used my Ray Morris #23 brush which can make any foundation look amazing, but sadly, no matter how much I buffed, the lines continued to scream out. After trying it 3 times, thinking if I just do the right application it would work, I just tossed it in my bathroom trash can.

Can you believe a retinoid product at this price???

I will never be without. My skin is not sensitive so I use a few drops at night, first product and let it sink in a few minutes. I follow it with TO hyaluronic acid and then emu oil. I wish I could review The Ordinary as a whole rather than each product, because I can't believe they offer their products at such great price. I used to order them from England (spurred by Wayne Goss' recommendation). Even with overseas shipping it was well worth the cost. Then when Beautylish announce they were going to carry the line I waited to see if the prices would be higher than England. Nope!!! And now I'm not paying overseas shipping. I've used the expensive brands. I used Pericone for years. My wallet and my face are in much better condition due to The Ordinary. I am so glad I made the swi

Great for aging lips as well!

I use this twice a day. At 58, I thought my skin was aging really well until I went off my hormone therapy. The lines and dryness came on in a flash. My lips got thin and lined. I began using this all over my face and the best improvement was to my lips. The became more plump, moisturized and soft and the lines diminished greatly. It also works well on the rest of my face, but the lips were the biggest improvement by far.

Made my skin itch horribly until I washed it off.

Like a few others have commented, I do not have sensitive skin so I was very surprised to have a reaction to this product. I started using The Ordinary a few years ago (had to order it from England) and have loved every product I've purchased. I tried using it 3 times, once a week. The first time I used a drop and assumed the reaction was just a fluke do to something else. The 2nd time, just a drop again and had to assume it was the product, possibly because of a combination of TO Retinoid combination? So the third time I used it totally alone. Each time, with one drop, the itching was equal to the others. My skin did not turn red (except when I scratched it before washing it off). If this is your first The Ordinary product you are considering, please don't let my review discourage you. They are a great company, with incredibly reasonable prices for products that work amazingly.

Calabasas Perfection

Say hello to Jeffree Star's limited edition color lipstick that people will be begging for regular line status. Just like Androgyny, Calabasas will have too many folks begging for its return to keep the "limited" status. This is a Holy Grail color! Buy it now just in case!

Gemini - Holy Grail Color

√ - Finally found my perfect day lip color. I have several Velour Liquid Lipsticks and wear them often. I wish they weren't quite so dry (reason for 4 stars) but they do last and the color is true to what is in the tube.

Corpse-like for me

Love Jeffree's liquid lip and I had high hopes for Daddy from the way it looked on Manny. But it makes me look dead. I have a light complexion with neutral to yellow undertone. The good news is I'm Shook is a total hit for me!

Quick Heat-Up, Gentle on Hair

I've had these rollers for over 2 years. They are amazing and produce great body and waves quickly. The heat-up is super quick and if you need to reheat rollers to place in other sections, it takes little time.

Pigment Pigment Pigment

I received Myracle (hot pink) in this years Lucky Bag. This color is amazing. I use Wayne Goss' #15 fan brush to apply this and it gives a china doll color. There is no dust up in the pan. It will probably take me 10 years go go through this one pan! The color appears as if it is coming from within the skin. If this ever ran out (which I doubt it will) I would absolutely repurchase it.

Over $200 of product for $75

I received a cleanser, mascara, blush, highlighter, eyeshadow palette, eyeshadow brush and under-eye corrector. It almost looks like Beautylish took a look at what I purchase and curated the Lucky Bag specifically for me. I highly doubt that. This is my 2nd year purchasing the Lucky Bag, and the 2nd year I'm delighted I did. Instead of spending $75 and getting $50 to $75 worth of product I'll definitely use, I spent $75 and got over $200 of top-of-the-line product, all of which I will use. Thanks Beautylish!!!!

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