Beauty Product Reviews


For the bottle issues.....with the lid of turn it upside down and hit against your hand. But the product is amazing. I love it. Its inexpensive blends nice I use a brush or a sponge. Depending on the coverage I want. But you should get its amazing.


This is an amazing product. Covers anything i couldn't be more happier with this. Covers dark circles and redness and its $1. This product does tend to cake up if you dont blend it in to well so blend it in really well.

Love it

I love this product with all my heart. The reason i dint give it 5 stars was because the packaging was eh...not so great and some of the eye shadow weren't tht pigmented but what id did was take tweezers and scrap off the top layer and now they work fantastic. Very good product


Yes, i do agree the brush is...horrible. But the actual product is amazing. if you depot it then press it with nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol it works fantastic great colors highly pigmented.


This is a great bronzer. It will last you a long time i have a mini size and i've been using it for over a month and i have barely made a dent. I love love love it. That's coming from a girl who barley has high end makeup.


okay yes it does un-feather after a while but who cares. It has great control and amazing for beginners (me). It has amazing pigmentation. I love it and its a dollar go get it plz.

i also have saddle

i love both eyeshadow. but with no primer they do crease. So if you put a primer on it doesn't. so its a win for me. You can use it as a lid or a crease in either color i have. I love it and its only 3 dollars and someplace 1. defiantly worth trying.

Best lip balm

I love eos balms. They are so amazing. PLus thy are organic which is 10 times better. Mine is in sweet mint. Definitely worth 4 dollars. Ive been waiting to get one when i did i was not disappointed. Please go get one you wont be disappointed.