Beauty Product Reviews

  • Fig
Beautiful color!!

I really like this lip gloss. It's not my favorite formula but I do love the color!! The application is very slick and not sticky whatsoever! It's more a slip ' slide type gloss lol.

Not Enough Recognition..

This is a really nice mascara. When I bought it I wasn't thinking much of it, I just wanted to try it (and the packaging is cute to pass up.. mascara addiction lol). When I tried I was so shocked with the results. It lengthens AND adds volume to my lashes. I've been using almost everyday since I got it. I don't think it gets enough attention.. considering that's not many reviews, raves, or appearances in monthly favorites that I've seen. Go give it a shot!!!!! :)

Lovely!!! :)

So, I've been searching for tinted lip balms and this is one of the ones that I wanted to pick up. So I picked one up at Target earlier this week and I've fell in love with it. Even though the first time I used it I was on the fence I've came to really love it. It's VERY moisturizing and the color pay off is pretty nice!! I'm soooo ready to go back and get some more to add to my collection ;) L'Oreal did a great job here ;)

I LOVE THIS!! I use it by itself and does wonders for me. It gives me a nice even coverage. WONDERFUL for the price. I've hit pan on mine, and it's time to get another. I recommend this to anyone..

Been Using It For 7 Years!

This is amazing. I can feel it moisturizing my face but it DOES NOT leave my skin feel greasy, oily, or anything. After applying this my face is super super soft. Glides on smoothly. Very true to its name (lightweight)! I LOVE IT!

A M A Z I N G.

Hands down.. one my FAV mascaras. It's my main product in all makeup looks I do. It glides right on my lashes, makes them longer and I tend to see more curve in my lashes when I apply this mascara. I DO combine it with another mascara though, but I've tried it by itself it's not too bad :)

Best Lip Balms Out

I picked up the Honeydew Lemon Drop scent at Ulta about two weeks ago. Got in the car, tried it, and FELL IN LOVE. They smell wonderful & do wonders for my lips. It's became a "purse product" of mine. My favorite is the Lemon Drop because it contains SPF. Definitely going to keep purchasing this product.