Colour Riche Le Balm


Jaclyn N.

I've purchased these in a few different shades. They make for a nice sheer lip tint. Some colors appear much brighter (blue undertones) when applied than in the packaging. I wish the product set in your lips a little more. I think it is more of a conditioner than it is a balm which is denser and less slippery.

Lisa X.
Love it!!

This lip balm/lip butter/lipstick is so amazing!!! It's so moist on ur lips and gives enough pigment on ur lips! The smell of these were so yummy! I just wanted to eat it! 😂❤️👍✌️

Saby T.

I have the limited edition one,which is the POP riche balm..i have the dragon fruit shade ! And i wasnt much into it when i bought it but after trying it on,i love it ! its super awesome and im gonna get more shades ! ;)

Mijon B.
Love this!

I bought this at my local Wagreens after research. It's such a pretty colour! It adds a tint of red to my lips, but not a harsh pink or red. It's perfect you want sheer pretty colour. Sadly you have to keep on reapllying, and doesnt seem to hydrate that much. I love the vanilla scent!

Mama Day T.
Better than chapstick!

This is my absolute MUST HAVE in my purse! It definitely moisturizes your lips without the heavy icky sticky goo of a lip gloss but gives you the beautiful color of one! I did, however, find myself applying it often throughout the day.

Jenny U.
Super smooth!!

This product took me by a total surprise!! I usually have very dry lips, but this product was like heaven on my lips! For some color, I usually apply 3 layers though for it to really show (But the shade I bought was very nude color) I only have one shade right now, but I am definitely willing to try brighter colors in the future.

Chris S.

This is my 2nd favorite tinted lip balm after Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter. This L'Oreal balm feels lighter on your lips than the Revlon balm, it isn't quite as moisturizing, and you feel like you need to reapply it more often. But it's still a very good product when your lips don't need a lot of moisturizing. It feels nice and light on your lips and has a very pleasant vanilla scent and no flavor. (I find myself reapplying it often just because I like the scent so much!) I like the look of the packaging but I wish the little gold nub wasn't there so I didn't have to line it up to put the cap back on.

I can't comment much on pigmentation because the Nourishing Nude shade is very close to my natural lip color. It enhances the natural color a little but it basically looks like you're not wearing anything on your lips - but sometimes that's exactly what you want! I want to try some other shades to see how they look but Nourishing Nude is a very good shade for a no-fuss-makeup kind of day.

Yasmeen F.

It give's you nice color to your lips. It kind of has a sweet scent when applying. Overall it dries out in less than 30min. It applies very smoothly which that is very nice.

Taylor R.
Love the color!

Since I live in England, my lips tend to dry out quickly and often, so I have to find a lipstick that nourishes and protects my lips. This one certainly fits the bill! Not only is the color GORGEOUS but my lips did feel moisturized and nourished right after I put it on. I really don't think the color lasts for 8 hours like it says, but otherwise this is a nice lip stain!

Laura G.

i just some thing to find a balm with a color lipstick. that one of some girls using balm color help heal the lip away. so i bought yesterday i like the nude color match with balm. finally my balm purschase already got it. i m enjoy the products made. that haul what i having the items with me. i like the parts. :)