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  • Learn to Apply Any Faux Lash Like a Pro!

    Learn to Apply Any Faux Lash Like a Pro!

    Individuals, full strips, and pieces—lash lingo and technique can be confusing and difficult to understand. We’ve got simple tips and tricks to master falsies in a flash!

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  • NYX Face Awards Finishes at IMATS LA!
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    NYX Face Awards Finishes at IMATS LA!

    IMATS is finally here in sunny Los Angeles, and Sunday's main attraction is most certainly the NYX FACE Awards finals. The competition has narrowed down to the final six, and the talent is as fierce as it can get.

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  • Headpieces Are a Hit!
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    Headpieces Are a Hit!

    From fascinators to headbands, headpieces are making a huge comeback. They are a favorite of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, are perfect for special occasions, and are a fun way to spice up a regular hairstyle. Here are our tips on how to include these fascinating accessories in your wardrobe.

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  • Pretty in Pink Lace
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    Pretty in Pink Lace

    For a fun take on pretty pink nails, why not add some lace? Whether you paint it on with a tiny brush or apply actual strips of fabric, adding lace is a ladylike way to create a fun, girlie manicure.

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  • Cat Eye Roundup
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    Cat Eye Roundup

    Want to learn how to create a cat eye with your liner? The style got popular in the '60s, is making a huge comeback with singers like Adele, and had plenty of coverage on the fall/winter runways. Here, three Beauties show you how to achieve the look.

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  • Lorac Bejeweled Holiday Collection

    Lorac Bejeweled Holiday Collection

    Keep reading to see the sparkling new makeup from Lorac's 2011 Holiday Collection

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  • Trend: Galaxy Nails
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    Trend: Galaxy Nails

    We’re all made of stardust, but have you ever thought of painting it onto your nails? From nebulae to the Milky Way, we show you how to put the cosmos on your fingertips.

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