Beauty Product Reviews

Fades quickly

The colors are nice and pigmented. Touch up Will be necessary throughout the day because the blush fades very quickly. I also find it to be very shimmery , for me it was ok but its not everyones taste. My boyfriend did ask me constantly if i had glitter un my cheeks

Love it!

Use it almost everyday. The colors are beautiful and it definitely lasts. I wouldnt say 24 hours but it does lasts quite long. It is a very dry pigment so It is important to keep it glossed throughout the day

Perfect for day and Night

I find some bronzers to be very shimmery or very dark, which doesnt look natural at day light. This one is the perfect combination of glowy and tan. Looks absolutely natural for a day look but it is also great for a night look.


I tried many liquid and cream eye-liners, neither was what i expected. I Heard so much about this eyeliner that i had to give it a try. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! It is very pigmented and smooth, and the applicator is so easy to use. Wouldnt change it for any other

Not easy to apply

It is actually a great mascara! The only problem is that when applying it a lot of product comes out, making it difficult to achieve a flawless look... It does add a lot of volume and thickness to lashes, which is great. Didnt like it at first but practice made it easier to apply.

Very smooth and easy to blend. I use it for my under-eye circles and the coverage is just right, only problem is that it creases quickly. Setting powder is necessary