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Beauty Product Reviews

Amazing Coverage

I never thought I'd cheat on my NARS Sheer Matte foundation, but I did and it's amazing!!! It matches my skin better and has flawless coverage. It feels so light, I can't feel it on! This is my first CHANEL purchase and it most definitely won't be my last. The customer service at the counter was outstanding and this product definitely lives up to the brand's prestige.

I bought this primer on a whim but when I got home and applied it, I was glad I did. I have oily skin so I purchased the "light" one which is supposed to be oil free. The texture was weird, like a mouse/cream combo and I really couldn't tell how much to apply without it being too much. Once I played around with it some more and figured out the right amount to apply, it was perfect and my makeup lasted all day. I'd recommed that you find the right formula for you.

I bought all of these palettes, including last years holiday sets and was blown away by how pigmented and blendable they were. The shadows are soft and bright and you can create tons of looks using just one palette. They are the greatest palettes out there, but for the price, they're at least worth a try.

I bought a small jar of this while waiting in the checkout line at Sephora and decided to buy into the hype. I only use it on areas where I get oily and the only thing I can really say is that its good at setting my makeup but doesn't work miracles. It can start looking ashy if you use a heavy hand during application.

The colors in this collection are to die for but the downfall is that they take too long to dry and chip easily. I use my Revlon Quick Dry top coat and it still takes a while for them to dry but they are cheap and have amazing colors. I'd recommend these to beginners.

I loved Colossal Lash mascara until The Falsies came out and stole my heart. I still turn to this from time to time but it doesn't make my lashes as long as I like. They are thick and more voluminous but I also look for length in a mascara. Sometimes I layer this with my Falsies if I want big dramatic lashes.

I wore this mascara every day until my eyes couldnt take it anymore. This is the most perfect mascara ever. It made my lashes thick and long and they looked like false lashes!! I've tried all the formulas and they all live up to the hype. Very much worth $5! If my eyes can ever handle mascara again, this will be the one i turn to. Dont pass this one up ladies!!

Nice color...not so nice product

Although I've been using and loving my Maybelline cream eyeliner, I decided to give this a try because it was on sale and I had additional coupons. When I tried to apply the color (fresh out the box) it was dry and difficult to apply. I didn't even think about using the brush it came with, it seemed like it would scratch my eye up too much! I would apply the product with an angled eyeliner brush and it dragged and pulled and was thick. Maybe I got a bad/old box that should've been tossed out but based off my experience I wouldn't use this again. I did love the color!

I don't normally wear bronzer but once I purchased this, I dont go a day without it. It doesn't make me look orange or muddy and has a slight amount amount of shimmer that doesn't make me look greasy. I have the shade Casino since I'm darker complected but in the winter time I will purchase Laguna since I lighten up quite a bit. This is my favorite contour powder. No complaints!!

These arent very long lasting, I only own one and it's not my favorite shade. I wear Sweet Dreams on top of my Belle Du Jour lipstick so I don't look washed out but the combo give me a nice nude lip. They arent sticky at all and hopefully I can find another shade that I like better than the one I own but it's not a bad product at all.

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