Beauty Product Reviews


I love the MAC wet wipes, One wipe just removes every make trace off my face ! Its like magic :D I use a lot of heavy liners and Kohl, so getting them off without having to rub my eyes or bear burning sensation is a tough job, MAC makes it easy for me ! Love it ! Its pricey,so I usually keep it for days I have some real makeup on !

This primer is the first i tried and it never gave me any reason to try anything else ! It makes my color stay for 8 plus hours without wearing off or creasing! It gives the color a boost too, but what i like the most is that without making my eye crease it stays so long ! If you have a party and want long lasting bright eye shadow in place,this is a good choice !

I love this trio ! Its soft and easy to use, with great color pigment and shine ! I have the starry eye baked shadow and it gives me an awesome smokey look ! I love it totally !

I like it and it does give me a glow, and does not crease. but for oily skin like mine! It just does not stay long enough ! I wish i could make it last longer !


Its Fine

I use it with Boi Ing, its okay nothing great ! Dint do much to hide my pimple scars. for that price maybe I might look for something else next time.

Loved it

I had to cover quiet a lot of pimple scars and Boi Ing did it all ! It did not cake or crease. Gave me good coverage !

Think will get it again !