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Much nicer than I thought it would be!

I've been reading a lot of mixed reviews in different places; Becca's Ignite Liquified Light Highlighter seems to be a polarizing product, so I'd been holding back from buying it, especially because I'm 51 years old and really have to be careful with using my products so that they don't emphasize texture and/or fine lines. However, I received some packet samples in the shades Passion, Creativity, and Strength. I've put Strength aside as it looks to be too dark a shade for my skin tone. But I've tested out both Creativity and Passion, and I love the results of both! I personally put a couple drops of product on the back of my hand, then I take a slightly dampened beauty sponge and dab it on the product, then use the sponge to blend out the product on the high, back part of my cheekbones and on the cupid's bow, right above my upper lip. The sponge works great for me, and the product has not been emphasizing any texture as far as I can see. It looks so so pretty on my skin! I bet this would also work quite nicely as an inner corner highlight. I'm grateful to have received these samples. I've been wanting to try the special shade Love by Barbie Ferreira, mainly because I love icy pearly champagne shades, but also because I love her as an actress and love the HBO series Euphoria. Yes, there are women in their 50s who enjoy shows like Euphoria :) So because I have worked successfully with these samples, I'm taking the plunge and ordering this product in the shade Love by Barbie Ferreira ♥️

This gives me joy!

I was hesitant at first about buying this blush, but the color of it kept calling to me, so I said to myself, "Self, if you end up not enjoying it, Beautylish will take care of you, and besides, it's only $19." And I am SO glad I listened to me. I am 51 years old, so one of the reasons I had hesitated to buy Mini Bloom was because I worried it would emphasize texture on my skin, but it doesn't, yay! Instead, it gives me a healthy glow. The powder is so silky smooth, and I feel the coral pink shade is so pretty and flattering on me. It's a beautiful shade for spring and summer. The formula contains hyaluronic acid, so I'll be watching as I continue to wear this to see if that makes a difference. It's so easy to apply this in the mornings when I'm getting ready for work. I am a nurse in a skilled nursing facility, and most blushes I wear fade quickly on me. But the lasting power of this blush is decent; I can still see it on me when I get into my car after work and look in the rear view mirror. I recommend this blush :)

I actually love the scent

This set houses products with the old (original) scent, not the updated version. But that's exactly why I love it. I know I'm in the minority, but that's okay. I'm very happy I was able to grab this set, because the original scent formula is hard to find! I may end up grabbing one or two more of these if I can.

The Sonia G. Pro Eye Set lives up to the hype!

The Pro Eye Set was my first purchase from Sonia G. I received the bundle of 5 brushes, beautifully and safely packaged as always, in the middle of June 2019. My Beautylish friends, these brushes are the real deal. I use and love each and every brush. Before, my Sigma eye brushes were my favorite brushes. And you know, Sigma brushes are good, they are. (The E40 and E55 still get some of my love.) But Sigma has nothing on Sonia G when it comes to quality. Sonia G has changed my eyeshadow game, and she makes me feel like a pro. The hype is real, y'all, these are SO amazing that, in my opinion, no matter how I and others try to describe them, people can't completely understand until they've experienced them. They will last forever as long as I take good care of them. I hope to one day buy the face set. After 7 months of use of these brushes, I'm about to do a huge makeup brush declutter. Eyes and face. Going forward i know I'd rather save up and pay a higher price for a quality product than to buy a ton of cheaper brushes that probably, added together, end up costing close to the same or more. (But my Sigma, IT, and Units brushes can stay. :) ) If you love eyeshadow, want to create beautiful looks in half the time, and have the budget or can save up... This is for you. You won't regret it.

Great value!

I received this set the last week of October and have been giving all the products love ever since. My hand cream is already gone, and the body wash and spray mist are both running low. The delicious dessert fragrance is decadent. And this set is such a great price, as you get a full size of the Bum Bum cream, which by itself retails for $45! If you are a Bum Bum fan, you'll be quite happy with this collection!

Great for around and on Valentine's Day

I received this palette at the beginning of December 2019. I used it several times that month and have just pulled it back out and put it in my every day makeup drawer to use during the "season" of Valentine's Day. My Cranberry palette is the reformulated version, with the white packaging and the matte shades instead of the cream-to-powder shades. As an aside, I own her Biba and Metropolis palettes and enjoy the cream-to-powder formula, and I do wonder how that formula would have worked in this palette. Regardless, these mattes are very nice; they are pigmented and also blend beautifully and quickly. Having said that, the gorgeous shimmers are the stars of this show. I just purchased the new midi-sized Love palette and am curious to see how well it and the Cranberry complement each other!

Absolutely lovely!

I love this so much that this is my second bottle! I am 51 years old. This makes my skin look fresh and healthy; it gives it such a nice glow. Not glittery or metallic, but a natural-looking glow from within. I can put it under my foundation as a primer. I can put it over my foundation on the high points of my face, and it doesn't disturb the foundation beneath. I can mix it in with my foundation. I can wear a small amount on its own with just a bit of concealer blended out. Absolutely worth every penny to me!

Please still sell the old formula!

I'm in the minority, I know, but I prefer this old formula to the new one! I may have to go directly to the Sol de Janiero site and ask them if they will still sell it, but I sure wish I could buy from here at Beautylish instead. Because this Coco Cabana cream 2019 is amazing for me. I received a deluxe-sized sample of the new formula and it just seemed so bland in comparison.

Love it so much!

I wasn't going to purchase this palette. When pictures and swatches first began showing up online, the color story at first seemed boring to me. But then, after watching the videos of several of my favorite YouTube beauty vloggers giving either first impressions or reviews of Sultry, I changed my mind and ordered it. I've had this palette since the beginning of November and can say with confidence that I absolutely love it! The mattes are of the same lovely quality as those in Modern Renaissance and Soft Glam. The shimmers are SO exceptional, better than any ABH shimmers I've previously experienced. Though Bloom is a vibrant coral, it plays well with the neutral cool tones. I'm happy to get some cooler tones that aren't just purple and/or blue. And also happy that the shades flatter me. Between Sultry, Soft Glam, and Modern Renaissance, I can't pick a favorite, I love them all!

So glad I have this!

I received this in this year's Beautylish $75 Lucky Bag, and I'm so happy I did. The Lucky Bag gave me the opportunity to try this brand and this primer; otherwise I may never have done so.

I am absolutely loving this primer! I am 50 years old, and while I feel I have decent skin for my age (type: normal to dry), I do deal with dullness and discoloration sometimes. After I put on my moisturizer and let it sink in, I apply this primer, and WOW! It gives my skin such a natural-looking, healthy glow. It makes my foundation apply evenly and makes it look more like my natural skin, but with an even, beautiful, dewy finish. I have also noticed that it makes my foundation last longer, at least the two foundations I've tried so far with this primer. Love the application technique as it keeps the product as a whole protected from germs/bacteria. And I was really excited to see, when I opened the box containing this primer, there was a full-size refill included! That means that if I had purchased it the traditional way (as opposed to receiving it in my mystery Lucky Bag), I would have paid $20 per primer. What a bargain!

Thanks to Beautylish and its yearly traditional Lucky Bag, VDL is now on my radar, and I have a primer that makes my face look naturally fresh, healthy... younger! Yay! :)

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