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Beauty Product Reviews

Love it so much!

I wasn't going to purchase this palette. When pictures and swatches first began showing up online, the color story at first seemed boring to me. But then, after watching the videos of several of my favorite YouTube beauty vloggers giving either first impressions or reviews of Sultry, I changed my mind and ordered it. I've had this palette since the beginning of November and can say with confidence that I absolutely love it! The mattes are of the same lovely quality as those in Modern Renaissance and Soft Glam. The shimmers are SO exceptional, better than any ABH shimmers I've previously experienced. Though Bloom is a vibrant coral, it plays well with the neutral cool tones. I'm happy to get some cooler tones that aren't just purple and/or blue. And also happy that the shades flatter me. Between Sultry, Soft Glam, and Modern Renaissance, I can't pick a favorite, I love them all!

So glad I have this!

I received this in this year's Beautylish $75 Lucky Bag, and I'm so happy I did. The Lucky Bag gave me the opportunity to try this brand and this primer; otherwise I may never have done so.

I am absolutely loving this primer! I am 50 years old, and while I feel I have decent skin for my age (type: normal to dry), I do deal with dullness and discoloration sometimes. After I put on my moisturizer and let it sink in, I apply this primer, and WOW! It gives my skin such a natural-looking, healthy glow. It makes my foundation apply evenly and makes it look more like my natural skin, but with an even, beautiful, dewy finish. I have also noticed that it makes my foundation last longer, at least the two foundations I've tried so far with this primer. Love the application technique as it keeps the product as a whole protected from germs/bacteria. And I was really excited to see, when I opened the box containing this primer, there was a full-size refill included! That means that if I had purchased it the traditional way (as opposed to receiving it in my mystery Lucky Bag), I would have paid $20 per primer. What a bargain!

Thanks to Beautylish and its yearly traditional Lucky Bag, VDL is now on my radar, and I have a primer that makes my face look naturally fresh, healthy... younger! Yay! :)

Game Changer!

So easy to blend out with either a sponge, a brush, or my fingers. Beautiful contour shade. Absolutely lovely, either underneath foundation or on top. So glad YouTuber Samantha Ravndahl made me aware of its existence!

Favorite of all the trios I've purchased

I received this trio of glitters September 4 and have been using all of them intermittently since that time. They're all still going strong, and each time I've used any of the shades, I've been quite pleased. I've found these glitters to be very easy to work with. They are pigmented but can be sheered out if I choose. Either way, all three glitters show up beautifully on my eyes.

Dollish is absolutely beautiful, and Embellish is delightful, very versatile. Those two are "loves." Stylish is my least favorite, but this glitter is still a "like." No duds, which of course pleases me.

I've purchased these $25 sets before, both in the glitter and the shimmer formulas, and I can say with confidence that this has been my favorite set to date.

I'm so happy I took the risk!

This is my first Natasha Denona eyeshadow palette. There were many weeks that went by from the time I first saw the Tropic palette online to the time I clicked 'Place My Order.' In those weeks, I read reviews in beauty blogs and at online beauty stores. I watched many beauty vloggers give reviews on YouTube. The reviews were mixed. I gathered information on other Natasha Denona eyeshadow palettes. But I kept coming back to Tropic. I loved the color story SO very much. And I loved that it had so many matte shadows (I heart mattes!). I knew the formula was different from past palettes, I knew a lot of people criticized the shimmer shades ... and I knew that almost all the reviews acknowledged that at least the mattes were great quality. So, I went in with eyes wide open. And I'm so happy! Yes, the mattes are fantastic! And Laguna is THE best, the absolute best, blue eyeshadow I have ever used! My heart swells just thinking about Laguna as I write this and that may sound corny but I'm not even kidding. In regards to the shimmer shades, I have no trouble with Limoncello and Mint Frost; I use either my finger or a flat packing eye brush to apply them, and they are so lovely. Gusti is also beautiful - it does require a bit more time, a bit more building up. Exotic and Tiger Lily have been the rebellious challenges for me, but I very recently discovered that I can successfully achieve gorgeous payoff when I use a DENSE packing brush and repeatedly pat the product on my lids. Taking a little time and building up the shade, pat pat pat, to a stunning vibrancy. I don't mind taking the time when I compare the patting/building up to the time I take using different blending styles to achieve a look. I do understand others may have a different opinion and/or experience. But if anybody out there is reading this and finds her/himself relating to me in regards to my attraction to the palette prior to buying, and/or to my love of a superb matte, I'm here to say ... take the risk! If you can't or don't want to pay the $129 all at once, Beautylish generously offers the option of three payments. And speaking of Beautylish, I have never, in all my years ordering online from many retailers, received any product as wonderfully, carefully, lovingly, protectively packaged as the products I have ordered from Beautylish! Thank you, Beautylish, you're so good to me! ... And now I must go, my Tropic is calling me. ;)