Anastasia Beverly Hills

Sultry Eyeshadow Palette

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Tabby D.

I love this palette I went through it so fast I think I hit pan on almost every shade. Very gorgeous palette. Longwearing quality shadow, I just don’t like the brush that came with it, it’s sharp on my eyelids.

mary m.
wish i bought 2

Out of all my palettes ABH sultry is my favourite, although the huda beauty new nude is a close second because of the original formula in the sparkly shadows & concealer included in the palette. The Sultry is my favourite because of the colours, EVERYONE compliments my skin tone and might be my first palette to empty EVERY coloured pan. I have already used all of the shades, fresh, pearl, rose quarts, cinder, twig, and cyborg, The glitters ran out quicker than the mattes which is normal but without the other half of the shadows it'll make i harder to finish the palette & i just want to find one more to buy because i feel like i'm actually going to die without another one! same with the original naked palette :(

Cara M.
A favorite

I don't wear warm toned eyeshadow so when this palette, a neutral leaning cool palette, was announced, I bought it the immediately. It's not completely cool toned so it's a nice option for anyone looking to try them but still have neutrals to fall back. My only critique is that I think the coral shade should have been a cool toned plum or deeper gray but other than that, it's a fantastic palette. What makes this different is the addition of a warmer toned silver rather than an icy one but it works perfectly. It's true what everyone says about ABH shadows, the mattes are powdery so tap in gently and knock off the excess, and most shimmers are very silicone heavy so they apply best with a finger or sponge applicator but these are all easy rules to follow. I definitely recommend this palette and suggest that those still interested should get it now because, as a limited edition product, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find.

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Zoe R.
Packaging glitter!!

It’s a beautiful palette, the problem is that the box the palette comes in and the palette itself is covered in glitter— glitter that comes off. I bought this as a gift for my mum, who hates glitter like that.

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Aimee H.
Neutral but FUN palette!

Anastasia shadows are always sooo good! The mattes are creamy, blend-able and pigmented, as well as the shimmers are so sparkling and beautiful all over the lid. It is a cool-toned palette and pretty neutral and basic, however, the shade in "Bloom" and the variety of shimmers make this palette so fun to play with.

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Lixia L. Team
Super Versatile Neutral Palette

The combination of shades in this palette makes it very versatile. I’ve been very pleased with the variety of looks I can create using this palette. While the shades in this palette are not necessarily unique, the range of light to deep shades makes it a very comprehensive neutral palette. The most natural daytime eye look can just as easily be accomplished as the most sultry evening look and everything in between. The matte shades are pigmented yet easy to blend. The shimmer shades are buttery smooth and impactful. I appreciate the inclusion of a matte brow bone shade since this is missing from many other palettes in my collection.

This is by and large a cool toned palette, with the shimmer shades being a bit warmer to create a great balance. I honestly didn’t see how this palette differs from any other neutral palettes but the more I used it, I started to notice that I was able to create so many different looks with just this one palette! This is my palette of choice for the next trip since I wouldn’t have to carry many products or a very large palette that is inconvenient to travel with. I could easily get through a week long trip with just this palette and would not find it lacking in any way!

Aj G.

Gorgeous packaging and one of the only mostly neutrals palette I will use. Love the color story

Laura L.
Beautiful neautrals

I love this palette, I use it as an everyday one for quick matte eye looks. They blend so smoothly, and apply really nicely but there would be occasional patchiness if I use too much pigment. Overall, would recommend!

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Brittany C.
Just WOW!!

I recently bought the Sultry palette plus her Modern renaissance palette as well. Sultry is incredible, I love every color, everyone of them glide on so smooth and are extremely pigmented. If you are looking into buying this palette, it's worth it.

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Deanna D.
Love it so much!

I wasn't going to purchase this palette. When pictures and swatches first began showing up online, the color story at first seemed boring to me. But then, after watching the videos of several of my favorite YouTube beauty vloggers giving either first impressions or reviews of Sultry, I changed my mind and ordered it. I've had this palette since the beginning of November and can say with confidence that I absolutely love it! The mattes are of the same lovely quality as those in Modern Renaissance and Soft Glam. The shimmers are SO exceptional, better than any ABH shimmers I've previously experienced. Though Bloom is a vibrant coral, it plays well with the neutral cool tones. I'm happy to get some cooler tones that aren't just purple and/or blue. And also happy that the shades flatter me. Between Sultry, Soft Glam, and Modern Renaissance, I can't pick a favorite, I love them all!

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