Beauty Product Reviews


Softness galore and truly cuts down on blending time. The shorter handle is Much appreciated by my mature eyes. Comparable to Hakuhudo brushes in terms of softness which I love as my maturing lids have become increasingly sensitive to the scratchy synthetics or sub par goat brushes.

Inexpensive and effective

If i can only soak myself in this oil. This is an uber inexpensive alternative for the Drunk Elephant version and you end up with the same velvety and supple skin. If I were to nitpick, the Drunk Elephant version is more elegant under makeup as it seems to absorb quicker and better but the price difference more than makes up for this. I will be reordering this in batches as it has reportedly a long shelf life. An added bonus is it’s odorless unlike the Rose hip oil which took a long time to absorb and has an earthy smell which I didn’t mind but odorless is better. If only The Ordinary will make bigger bottle.

Purples on olive toned skin

Gorgeous! Had to tippy-toe around this lovely palette as purples and olive tones don’t play nice with each other and one might end up looking like one has a shiner. Somehow it worked and in a rather gorgeous way. Was happily surprised. Magentic is such a lush and yummy color. Pigments galore. Prepare for some fall out but worth it. Such buttery and pigmented shadows. Sunset palette is still tops as the colors just jive better with my skin tone but Lila still made me happy. Now where is the two thumbs up button for Beautylish? Late for this party but I can tell this is going to be a beautiful friendship. Ordered the Lila on a Thursday noontime and got it by Friday afternoon and the packaging made it so much fun to open.