The Ordinary.

100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil




Kate F.
Worked great on my hair
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I tried this on my face it broke me out. I have healed my skin & I'll try it again as maybe I used too much. I tried it on the ends of my hair which are typically dry and I was amazed. This made my grey hair shine and did not turn it yellow. It's light enough to apply every day to my hair & it tames the top hair frizzies. I am so impressed with this brand.

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Mayette F.
Inexpensive and effective

If i can only soak myself in this oil. This is an uber inexpensive alternative for the Drunk Elephant version and you end up with the same velvety and supple skin. If I were to nitpick, the Drunk Elephant version is more elegant under makeup as it seems to absorb quicker and better but the price difference more than makes up for this. I will be reordering this in batches as it has reportedly a long shelf life. An added bonus is it’s odorless unlike the Rose hip oil which took a long time to absorb and has an earthy smell which I didn’t mind but odorless is better. If only The Ordinary will make bigger bottle.

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Hannah L.
Has gone gritty and thick
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Was really good at first but after a month it's gone thick, opaque and gritty so I don't want to put it on my face anymore 💔

Rhonda M.

This fabulous oil has been my “go to” facial oil and makeup remover for many years. It absorbs and keeps my 64 year old skin feeling supple and moist without feeling greasy. It only takes 1 pump from the bottle to moisten my entire face, so it lasts a long time. Even after a year, marula oil did not become rancid smelling like some oils do. Marula oil is what I recommend to my daughters and they say it does not cause acne breakouts. The Ordinary sells this oil at a very reasonable price. That’s another reason I purchase my beauty products here. This product will always be in my beauty routine.

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Regina  L.
Absolutely love this product.

I enjoy this product at night. It’s lightweight, but highly luxurious and leaves the skin soft and glowing. Fabulous.

Nelle R.
So far so good.
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It's been good so far but we'll see what happens in a few weeks. Ig I have a reaction to it I will be sure to edit my review.

Andrea C.
Great for dry skin

I’ve only been using this for a week, but I love it so far. I have sensitive skin that is prone to dryness. It’s really helped moisturize my skin. I also sometimes have hormonal acne. It hasn’t caused any breakouts thus far.

Ashley A.
Feels amazing

Love love this product!!! Feels so hydrating and I love that there is no scent to it. Definitely will be staying in my skin care routine.

Heidi H.

Valuable product with quick effect. It's not oily not heavy, easy for skin to absorb and it healed my dry skin.