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Beauty Product Reviews


I love this, makes my hair so soft and manageable, it helps protect from heat and UV, definitely would recommend this and would buy it again.

I like it

I like this toner because it's alcohol free , hydrating and doesn't have anything harmful in it, it definitely stings when it gets into the eye, but they recommend you don't use it around your eyes anyway. I never had any issues with this and I do feel like it improves the way my serums and creams work when i apply them after this toner.

Wouldn't Buy it Again

I felt like it was too thick, so I didn't like the texture of it, so i gave it away. it is affordable and comes in a huge tub so it doesn't hurt to purchase it and try it yourself, worst case is you can use it on your body or give it to someone.

It's a No for Me

I hate oils for my face because it doesn't absorb into my skin well and i always have an oily residue which i detest. but decided to try this product because it is supposed to be so healthy and beneficial for skin. needless to say it did not absorb into my skin and left the residue that I hate, I don't blame the product, i think its just a matter of personal choice, but I didn't see results either, if you like rose hip oil and you like oils for your skin give it a whirl since it is so affordable.


So I purchased this to use it on my hair since argan oil is amazing for hair. At first I hated it with a passion when I tried to use it as a hair serum because even using 4-5 drops left a greasy mess in my hair. Then I decided to use it as a treatment mask, I mix this in a hair mask or apply it directly onto my scalp to moisturize my dry scalp and it worked miracles, no more flakiness and itchiness after leaving the oil on my scalp directly as a mask, so I will buy this again and again to use it as a hair mask. BTW this smells so bad, it doesn't have the typical fresh hair serum scent.

Good Serum

I liked this serum, it is thin and absorbs into the skin quite fast without leaving an oily heavy residue. I can't say I saw any drastic results, but i didn't have any negative side effects either (breakouts etc...) so i would def. recommend it.

It's Okay- Sometimes

So I think I have a love hate relationship with this powder, I purchased this after wayne goss recommended it and I saw it all over YouTube. At first when I got it I loved it for my undereyes although it did have the tendency to cake up with some concealers. Then I used it for my face to set my foundation and it looked a bit ashy and very powdery (that can be fixed with Fix+ though) ; But recently I purchased the KAT VON D setting powder, and it has done wonders for my under eyes, it is less cakey than this powder and makes my concealer last longer. So I have completely stopped using this altogether, so would i recommend it? I would say give it a try since its huge pot and quite cheap but do I love it? No.

I don't get the hype around this product

So I purchased this in the UK from a store, not from Beautylish, after all the hype surrounding it. I was so disappointed , It is very thick, and it made my skin "sweat" and wasn't hydrating at all, it didn't feel moisturizing or hydrating. So i wouldn't recommend this to anyone or purchase it again. I ended up using it on my body so i could finish it.

It's a good match for our lovely BB

I usually get the smaller sizes of this because it comes in all the sets that I purchase, I have never owned the big size, but I must say that having this helps the process of cleaning the beauty blender. It washes off from the blender quickly without leaving soapy residue in the beauty blender like ordinary shampoos do, and it also helps wash the blender more effectively because you are massaging the blender with this solid soap. I have had instances where i wash the blenders with normal shampoos and it takes me so long to get the blender to become soap free and I end up damaging or "ripping" the blender. I've never ripped or damaged my blender using this to wash it.

I don't reach for it often

I know this is meant as a lip brush and I used it once or twice for that, and it is very precise, i also used this for eyes few times but i can't say i can recommend this. I don't reach for it often, and even when i use it for lining my eyes or the part beneath the waterline, I am still not obsessed. It's a Meh brush, you can live without it unless you use lip brushes religiously.

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