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Wayne Goss Brush 07 Precision Lip Brush

Wayne Goss

Brush 07 Precision Lip Brush


About Brush 07

Designed for lipstick and eye liner, this tiny brush's natural bristles boast the perfect amount of stiffness for incredible precision. Get crisp lines on lips and eyes—or highlight targeted parts of the brow bone and cupid’s bow.

Brush 07 is also available with The Collection.

Why It's Special
  • Get sharper, more precise lines than the average lip or eye liner brush, thanks to bristles that offer the perfect combination of stiffness and softness
  • The flat shape offers the angles you need to focus product exactly where you want it, whether you're tightlining your eyes or filling your brows
  • Each brush is carefully handmade in Kumano, Japan by more than 20 artisans using traditional brush making techniques
How to Use

Angling the brush on its side, glide along the outline of the mouth to line lips. Use the full face of the bristles to fill in lip color and contour the lips. We also love Brush 07 for applying eye liner to the lashline, tightlining the eyes, smudging kohl, filling in the brows, and applying tiny amounts of concealer.

Other Details
  • Total length of brush: 140 mm
  • Length of bristles: 4 mm
  • Hair type: Natural
  • Cruelty-free