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Brush 07 Precision Lip Brush

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How to Use Brush 07

Find out why Brush 07 gives a more clean edge than the average lipstick brush—and learn how to use it for brows and gel eye liner, too.


Diana M.
For lips...YES!
Photo of product included with review by Diana M.

My initial inclination for this brush was for the eyes. I like to pack on a darker powder over my pencil liner to help set it, and this brush is a dream for that. (I can smudge/work-in the liner, and then dip it in the shadow with the same brush--time saver.) But...since I knew it was being showcased for lips, I thought I should use it for that a few times before I discounted it. Well, wow! I never had a lip brush with this shape and ability to work the color onto my lips. I like to apply lip balm to most of my lips after applying foundation. (I apply the foundation slightly over the natural line of my lips.) I was able to take a fairly pigmented lip balm/gloss/crayon and work the product into my lips after defining the edges. What-a-breeze! I honestly haven't gotten such a precise placement without using a pencil liner for the bow of my lips. (The most critical part of lip color placement in my book.) I would suggest that you have a dedicated brush for lips separate from the eyes, I guess I will be ordering another one.

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Christen W.
Great for lining eyes and softening eyeliner lines

I may be using this brush other than intended, while I did use it to apply liner my primary use is to apply and blend out shadow on my lower lash line. It is so much softer than the MAC brush I have been using and the finished result is beautiful

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Amanda K.

I JUST opened my new 07 and 06 for Christmas and oh my gosh I am in love. I use mac lipsticks and I tried out the lip brush with my viva glam matte red and it makes the lines SO crisp I was so happy. This brush was what I was most excited to try and I'm so happy its mine now. FANTASTIC brush if you apply dark lipstick GET IT!

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K W.

So in buying & trying this 4 the LLL, I was disappointed at how scratchy it felt 2 my sensitive watery eyes. So it sat there unused 4 the longest time. But then I finally thought--let me play around w/it a bit & see what other uses I can come up with. Sure enough, I tried it on my lips 4 lipstick & also 4 concealer around the lips & was amazed with the ease & how precise of an application it gave me. It's NOTHING like any of my other lip brushes which is why I wasn't really psyched ab trying it 4 that at first, but it was awesome! It's much shorter & definitely more stiff/firm than my other lip brushes so I was surprised at how well it worked. Also found that it's AMAZING 4 under eye bags & darkness! I used my NARS concealer & this brush 2 apply it ONLY in the darkened line right under the bag & it was absolutely perfect 4 that! Also now loving it 4 spot treatment of concealer & when wanting crisp concealer lines blending above & below eyebrows. It also works great for the inner eye & inner 1/3 of the eyelid. And also works well for filling in eyebrow. All in all, this is a multi-functioning brush for anytime u need a good, dense, firm brush that will give u the precision u desire.

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Tracy S.
Absolutely my HG lip brush

Let me begin by saying, I have never been a fan of lip brushes. I have tried so many brands and invariably, they're too soft and the length of the bristles is too long. Maybe I'm just all thumbs, but I have never been able to get crisp lines very easily. I had previously picked up the Eye Set and fell head over heels in love with them. When I was picking up a few OOC lip tars, I thought, well, why not see if Wayne has a brush that I could try, and I picked the 7. Saying that it has made a world of difference in applying lipsticks (both from the bullet and in liquid form, like the OCCs) would be an understatement. The brush is not harsh at all on the lips. The denseness of the bristles makes it perfect for picking up product, and the short bristles, coupled with their density makes for absolutely perfect, crisp lines. I loved it so much, that I picked up a second to keep in reserve. Definitely worth the investment.

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Kerry H.
Great little brush

I've never used this for lips, but it's a great brush for applying powder eyeliner. It's also nice for smudging pencil liner.

The only reason that this is 4 stars is because I don't know for sure what kind of hair this brush is. I'm a WG fan but I have a problem with squirrel hair brushes giving me an serious allergic reaction--I found this out after I tried the WG Airbrush on myself and I had hives for 3 weeks--so I'd really love it if the type of hair would be disclosed on all brushes. It's frustrating to me as a consumer with allergies/asthma.

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Monica K.
Wayne Goss brush #7

As my brushes have worn out I knew I would replace them with Wayne Goss brushes. I use the #7 brush to apply concealer. It's great at getting the product wherever you want it. The brush is great at picking up the product and application in smooth and effortless. Of course #7 (like most of the Wayne Goss brushes) can be used how you want. So I know I can use it for more than one part of my makeup application. And the brush is super soft, yet firm. Would be great for lip liner/application, eye liner, eye brows. Worth the price, too!

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Melanie H.
How Obsessions Take Hold.....

I think I'm going to have to start a collection. Definitely one of the best brushes I've acquired yet. Haven't yet had a chance to experiment in all the ways I intend to but it's great for getting the lip color/line smooth & tight. Can't wait to find out what else it can do and figure out what other brushes to collect.

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Karlynn A.
Best Lip Brush Ever

This lip brush is genius. The super fine and sturdy edge to the brush helps perfectly draw a line on the outside edges of your lips. The rounded shape of the brush allows precise fill in of the lip without over-running the line. The brush works well with all lip color formulas but I particularly find it amazing with my OCC Lip Tar colors.

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Tracy H.

This says lip brush, and am sure it is great for that, but I haven't used it for that. I love it for lining, smudging, eyebrows. It is firm and small, but not hard or sharp. Everything just goes on smoothly. I love brushes that are this useful. It's great.

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