Beauty Product Reviews

These make a HUGE difference between having a great brush and not

These brush guards were a game changer for me! I purchased several of them, as they were recommended to use to help preserve the shape of the brush. I cannot imagine NOT using these brush guards when im cleaning my brushes! they help preserve the shape to ensure the brush performs correctly once it's dry. I have several sizes. the small size is goof for a brush that is small, but not as small as an eye brush. for eye brushes, Id recommend using the extra small.

It's very good! works well with natural hair brushes!

I was running out of another bar soap brush cleaner and decided to try this one, as it was recommended to use this to clean my natural hair brushes. it did a fantastic job! the scent was nice without being overpowering, it didnt dry out my brushes, and they were nice and soft once they dried. I also really like the way it's packaged. I like that the bar soap was firmly in the tub versus it falling out of the tub. it makes it easier to swish the brush and for storage! I would repurchase once I run out!

Once I figured out how to use it, I love it!

I received this as a sample when I ordered a blowdryer and decided to buy the full size. Im unsure why, but the mini sample size seemed a little more diluted than the full size, which made my experience just OK. it did strip my hair of all buildup, which I liked. When I first used the full size, I used WAY too much product, so i felt like it was a little too drying for my hair. the second time, on sopping wet hair, I used a little bit of product, and it worked extremely well. I have type 3c/4a hair, so I have to be careful about what I use. I would consider this a product to use once a month, when im looking to get rid of buildup. im sure it will come in handy during the summer, when im sweating more.

the ACV rinse is a mildly fragrance, sort of thin product that works to cleanse the hair and scalp and remove buildup. it did just that! I think this product would work extremely well for those who have dandruff and oily hair, but for those who have dry hair or those who use a lot of products, this could work well to "reset" the hair.

overall, this is something I will continue to use! Highly recommended!

Soft, gorgeous, solid brushes

These brushes are lovely! Easy to use, blend product well, and have great craftsmanship. The eye brushes are really lovely for blending product well and dispersing product easily. The pencil brush picks up a good amount of product (be careful, because you can pick up too much) and precisely distributes product where I want it. The other eye brush blends product out nicely. These brushes are easy to clean to change the color for eye shadow.

The cheek/pointed powder brush does a great job with picking up and applying product. I used it to apply and blend blush. The product was blended out without spreading too much.

Lastly - the fan brush. It’s the only brush I have of this type. It was thicker and mor dense than expected. Wayne said this could be used to apply foundation, so I used it to apply Dior backstage face and body foundation. Honestly, the set is worth it for this brush ALONE. it applied my foundation without any streaks. It blended well and enabled me to evenly apply the foundation. I intend to use this as a foundation brush going foreword. It really does THAT good of a job.

My only gripe is that I feel the handles aren’t long enough for the eye brushes, Specifically the one used to blend eyeshadow. I personally wish it was a little longer because it forces me to have a light hand. But the other goss brushes I have have shorter handles. I have small hands, so it’s not a problem of fit.

Anyway, for the craftsmanship of these brushes, I think it’s a great price. I highly recommend it!