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Wayne Goss: The Best Selling Brushes


Christina L.
I love these brushes!

I have his #11, airbrush and #2 brushes and I just received his synthetic brushes..ive only used them a cpl of times so far..but holy moly!! I cant tell the difference between his synthetics and real hair brushes! Wayne did an awesome job on these synthetics!

Adriana M.
Best synthetic brushes ever!

Each brush in this set is unlike any synthetic brush I own, the performance, the ease of blending products (cream, liquid or powder) & the softness is just incredible! I am absolutely happy I have added this set into my WG brushes collection - they are essential in my everyday make up application & I treasure them as much as any of my natural hair brushes & such a pleasure to use them every day! Let’s hope Wayne will add more brushes to his synthetics line ;)

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Ta'Miya  C.
Love, love, love!

I absolutely love these brushes! They are so soft, great quality and easy to use. They have helped me step my makeup game a lot! I’m so glad I finally purchased them.

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Sharon T.
So Soft

So soft great quality. A true luxury purchase you will love and use all the time. Love the softness the blending ability Love everything about them. They clean up just like when first get them.

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Ta'Miya  C.
Love them all!

I love all the brushes! They are so soft and luxurious! My makeup comes out sooo much better, nice and blended, I can’t believe how much of difference I have noticed. I can’t wait for WG to extend this collection!

amy h.

Thinking of a second order. Now this is a fan brush I adore. Very soft. I don't worry about grabbing them & washing, as they are synthetic. Hope he makes a rounder shaped face brushes. Big one, & various sizes similar to his natural hair set. I'd like both versions. :)

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Pang X.
Best synthetic brushes!!

I have a lot of synthetic brushes and after washing them, they have this odd smell to them. So I switched over to non-synthetic brushes because they don't smell. These are heaven sent! At first I thought the bigger brushes was kind of wierd, but they are damn versatile! I watched Mr. Goss explain the many ways the brushes can be used and yes, it works! I have hooded lids so I deeply appreciate the smaller brushes. Extremely soft and blends eyeshadows like it's no one's business! I'm so in love and will be getting another set because I just enjoy using these brushes over all the others!

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Maria A.
Wow! I didn’t think this would be different

How I was completely wrong! I have the Hourglass brushes & those are really nice, BUT after using these there is no comparison. Wayne’s synthetics are incredibly, unbelievably soft yet do what they are supposed to do. I never thought I would even consider buying more synthetic brushes, but if he comes out with more I will be purchasing them. I will be gifting my Hourglass brushes to a good home & I didn’t think that would ever happen either. These are THAT good. If you have sensitive skin, these are on par with Blue Squirrel softness.

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Jan K.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, they are so very soft. I absolutely adore them. They are superb in applying and blending makeup. After washing they still appear new. These are a must in my collection.

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Debbie H.
Love this set

These brushes are so incredibly soft, and they blend so beautifully! Thank you Wayne & Beautylish for this incredible set!!

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