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Chevonese  G.
Clean and cares!

I usually use the beauty blender charcoal sold cleaner for my brushes. I tried this after reading the reviews and thought well as long as it's not any worse than what I currently have it's not masses of money spent and not really wasted money.

I can't believe I waited so long to get this shampoo after going back and forth on whether I really "needed" it. There was nothing particularly wrong with the beauty blender cleaner, but I hadn't tried anything else so had no comparison.

So, you don't get as much product per gram/$ as you do with the beauty blender solid cleaner, that's for sure. BUT this brush shampoo is not in the same league. My brushes were noticeably cleaner than usual and the shampoo washed out really easily.

I have used this for synthetic, undyed goat, died goat and grey squirrel. This shampoo performed equally well on all brushes, my brushes were much cleaner than they ever have been and what's more they felt softer after using this shampoo, especially my T-1 that I was finding a bit scratchy. The rose scent was very soft and pleasant and actually nice to neutralise the "goaty" smell I still had with some brushes. I

The way I see it now that I have tried it, I'm spending $$$ on brushes so it seems poor economics to use a cheap cleaner to save a few coins and risk ruining the brushes.

I am now getting this in grapefruit as well.

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Yuewen H.


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Carmen M.
It's very good! works well with natural hair brushes!

I was running out of another bar soap brush cleaner and decided to try this one, as it was recommended to use this to clean my natural hair brushes. it did a fantastic job! the scent was nice without being overpowering, it didnt dry out my brushes, and they were nice and soft once they dried. I also really like the way it's packaged. I like that the bar soap was firmly in the tub versus it falling out of the tub. it makes it easier to swish the brush and for storage! I would repurchase once I run out!

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Melanie C.
Pleased with the results

I was concerned that the scent would be too strong. Not so. Very lightly scented-not a strong rose scent and I'm picky with rose fragrances. I typically find most plain rose scents to be too astringent-like. This is light and clean. I wipe the top off with tissue before closing the lid to remove the soil the makeup left from the brushes. I rinse more than once and throughout the brush while avoiding the ferrel.

Joanna F.
Great purchase

Another great purchase from Beautylish. I’m so happy with this product: cleans very well, good amount of fragrance (not too overpowering), and it is affordable.

Eleanor L.
convenient ! Love it

few swirl and wash off my brushes afterwards ! they become soon clean again ! (i can't be 100% sure that its mild enough to be used to wash my blue squirrel bristles brushes cause they are so EFFECTIVE in cleansing when i use it to wash my synthetic brushes which is a good thing too ! no complain , i am a happy customer )

at last i want to say ... Beautylish is amazing whether the products mix offered in this website and the aftersale service including the speed of delivery and packaging wise , big thumbs up to you ) (my first time purchasing from beautylish)

Fran P.
Best shampoo for natural hair brushes

I have been using this brush cleanser ever since I got my 1st Wayne Goss Air Brush. This leaves my brushes very clean and soft, quite unlike other brush cleansers and shampoos I’ve used. I notice it melts easily. You have to make sure you dry the soap with the top off. I got the Rose scent the 1st and 2nd time I bought this, but I noticed the 2nd one didn’t smell as “rose-y” as the first. However I did not deduct any point because it still cleaned my brushes in the same excellent way.

Angela C.
Keeps my brushes clean and soft!

I used to use anti-bacterial soap or shampoo to clean my brushes but decided to give this a go - and I wish I'd started using this sooner! Keeps my synthetic brushes super soft and clean, even the ones with white bristles look brand new. I recommend using this with something like a brush egg for even better cleansing power. Would definitely repurchase when I'm finished with my tub which will probably take forever - I've used this 1-2x a week and I've barely made a dent in the soap. Love that this is all-natural and cruelty free too!

Joanna F.
Cleans well and has a great scent

I really like how this has a clean, fresh scent. It is not overly scented. This product definitely cleans very well and my brushes are super soft after cleaning. I will definitely purchase this product again.

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Tyla P.

I have a lot of brushes and prefer to clean them all in one go. Using this soap shaved off half in hour from my cleaning time which is AMAZING!!!! The smell is lovely and so easy to use. I need more in all the scents ASAP

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