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Underrated hero

For me this brush is seriously one of Sonia’s best ever. I pretty much only use it for blush that’s low to moderately pigmented like The Balm’s Down Boy. It just places it perfectly on cheek every time. This purchase is a spare as I don’t want to be without this brush. Glad it’s back in stock!


Loving this lightweight, barely there powder. Not sure I love using it around the eyes to set concealer though as I'm very dry around the eyes.However I do enjoy the smooth finish on the skin.

Gorgeous set

Loving the big brush for bronzer. Not really sure what to do with the smaller brush yet as it doesn't work for highlighter for me. The design on the handle is beautiful. Happy I got these.


Beautiful smoky, cool tones in this adorable teeny palette. It's very pretty and flattering on the eye. I've bought a few of them for Christmas presents this year. The only thing I wish is that the very dark brown shade from the large palette was included, then it would be a stand alone one and done little palette.

Perfect nude lips

The very hyped about Pillowtalk shade didn’t work for me. For some reason it pulled orange on my lips. Awful. It now has a new owner who it suits nicely. As for me, Very Victoria is the perfect MLBB shade. Love it.

A Cheek Brush Hero

Wayne’s 14 is the perfect brush for my more pigmented blushers. It diffuses them into a light wash of colour beautifully on the skin. I haven’t had any issues with shedding apart from the odd hair now and then and I’ve had mine for a couple of months already. Very happy with this little gem.

My favourite eye brush

I've always loved angled eyeshadow brushes and honestly this little pine squirrel beauty blows many other eye brushes out of the water! Its very soft on the eyes yet quite firm. It's the quickest, easiest brush to use for contouring my aging eyelids. It also seems to apply and blend shadows simultaneously. Perfect for one and done as well as more elaborate looks. Glad I trusted my instincts on this one.

The best

I've had this brush for over a year now and it's definitely time to purchase a second one. I use it daily to stamp on an immaculately straight black line of shadow on my top lash line. I usually use the black shade from the Blinc Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette to do this and it stays put looking perfect all day and night. So happy with this amazing little brush!

Update: With over a year of regular use I can confidently say that this is my favourite brush for lining the lower lash line with shadow (I don't use eye pencils). It's just perfect for everyday makeup.

I love this brush! It's lightweight, tapered handle is beautiful. The bristles are soft but efficient for applying crease colour and blending. It does the work for you hence the apt name Worker Pro.

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