Beauty Product Reviews


You get a lot of product in this beautifully luxe jar, and it tastes sooo good! It does a great job exfoliating lips, but would be even better if it was a little less dry. I added some glycerine and it helped moisturize and stopped the product from falling off in chunks.

Amazing quality!

I've had this brush for 2 years, and it looks and performs as well as the day it arrived. I love that the handle is shorter and thinner because it makes it easier to control for detail work. The bristles are amazingly soft and pick up and disperse product beautifully. I use this brush for the outer V, on the lower lash line, inner corner and sometimes to apply powder as eyeliner to the top lash line. It's easy to clean, maintains its shape and doesn't shed. It's comparable to the Rephr 03 brush, but is less expensive, and theirs is white and does stain. I would love it if Wayne printed his logo in a lighter colour so it's easier to see.

It does it all and does it well!

I've had this beauty for 2 years, and it performs and looks as great as it did the day it arrived. I love the feeling of the weighted, lacquered handle and it's also a feast for the eyes. The bristles are incredibly soft, yet they pick up the perfect amount of eyeshadow. This is a brush you could do an entire eye look with, so 'worker's is the perfect name. It is fantastic for crease work and ideal for applying colour on the lid, too. It blends like no other and the density and shape works perfectly for my small, hooded eyes. It's easy to clean, doesn't stain and retains its shape. It's PERFECT!

Not what I was expecting.

I loved this brush until I washed it. The shape is perfect as a blender for my small, hooded eyes, and the bristles were the perfect density for diffusing colour. The handle looks and feels a little cheap. I use a good quality brush cleaner and have professional shapers, but after washing the bristles seemed to get a little frizzy and frayed and it didn't perform as well. I've tried conditioning it, but it just doesn't perform well. It's comparable to a natural bristle Morphe brush I got in a kit, except the Chikuhodo doesn't shed. I realize this is their budget line, but I was expecting more.

Absolute perfection, even 2 years later!

This is my favorite eyeshadow brush. I bought it mid May 2018 and have used and washed it oodles of times, and it's just like new! The handle is a work of art and beautifully weighted. The shape is PERFECTION and the bristles are the softest I've ever felt, and I have many other Japanese brushes. It's quick and easy to clean and doesn't stain. It's made to last and worth every penny.

Almost perfect!

Re: Blue Freeze: This is my 2nd tub of this delicious lippy scrub, and it's one of my faves! The packaging is luxe and makes me happy to look at it and you get a ton of product for a really great price. It does a great job exfoliating (the sugar crystals are nice and big), and smells and tastes delicious. I took away one star because it's too dry, which results in chunks of product falling off the lips. I bought a small container of glycerine and added it, which made it perfect.

Nearly perfect!

The flavor, packaging, efficacy, flavor and value are 5 star. I took off a star because the formula is a bit too dry, and I tend to waste product because it doesn't stick. I solved this by adding a bit of castor oil It does a great job and the packaging makes me smile every time. I'm ordering another for sure.

My miracle balm

I heard so many rave reviews on this product I just had to try it. I was able to buy a sample from another site and I fell in love and bought the full size. It's a solid balm that melts into your skin like butter. It comes in a beautiful hand made vulcanized glass jar to keep the contents fresh, and you need so little product that one jar should last a year. It smells divine, and the ingredients are top notch, all natural and excellent for even the most sensitive skin. For me, this has miraculous healing properties and soothes and heals my skin after an allergic reaction, eczema flare or dermatitis. It also is great as a last layer if you use harsh products on your skin such as Retinoids. You can also use it around your eyes and on your lips. It helps with inflammation, too. Using this product is a real treat and the ultimate luxury experience. It's worth every penny.