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Caused an allergic reaction

This mascara caused an allergic reaction. It contains an oil that is not compatible with my skin. I had my 3rd doctor visit today. I cannot wear any eye make up for a few weeks until it clears up. It's not even a good mascara, you need several coats to build it up and there was nothing curling about it at all. I threw the mascara away. I've never had this happen before.

Shades are way off

I normally wear a neutral or N with a pink undertone. I am part Pacific Islander and have a yellow undertone but fair skin. The 240N was too dark with a very orange base. Even with a serum, moisturizer and moisturizing sunscreen, this was too drying for me. I think it would work best for someone without dry skin. I did not find it to be luminous at all but it did cover up some rosacea breakouts and did stay put without a finishing spray.

Great for dry ends

With grey hair, some products can dull or yellow the color. I got this as a sample and applied to the ends of my hair while it was still wet. I have long and layered hair that I air dry. The oil has a lovely scent, did not leave my hair greasy and added sheen.I have tried other oils and they leave my hair greasy and start to stink after a few days. This is the best I've tried so I'm ordering the full size.

Gentle on my skin

I have rosacea and this cream does not break out my skin. It leaves the skin hydrated without being sticky. My skin feels so soft.

Not drying

This is one of my favorite brands. The water is gentle on your skin and does not leave it dry. It does not break out my rosacea prone skin. I took one start off for the strong (to me). Great value for the money

A lovely lipstick

Beautiful color that doesn't bleed and still is moisturizing. This is the nicest lipstick I've ever purchased and I have tried many. I'll order more in different colors.

Covers large pores

I put my foundation on with my fingers. Then I use this brush to tamp the foundation into the difficult areas like my nose, hairline and mouth. Its the only brush I have found that works for this. I've had the brush for a year and clean it weekly.

Smells like Nozema

I got this as a sample so I'm not sure if that affected the smell. I have tried other sleep masks without fragrance & they did not smell like this. I am 67 & have found that this brand is not a good match for me.

Broke out my skin

I really wanted to like this product. I tried it every morning for 5 days and it broke me out for 5 days. I do have sensitive rosacea prone skin but have used other serums without breakouts. I developed pimples under my nose & painful hard acne like spots. I'm still trying to calm my skin.

Need more info

This will only work with other products from this line. I missed that so it's going in the trash.

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