Kevyn Aucoin

The Expert Lip Color


Kate F.
A lovely lipstick

Beautiful color that doesn't bleed and still is moisturizing. This is the nicest lipstick I've ever purchased and I have tried many. I'll order more in different colors.

Souhaila E.
Iconic! My favorite cream lipstick formula/shades
Photo of product included with review by Souhaila E.

I purchased this with the Ltd Expert Lip Kit in Minimalist. The formula is my absolute favorite out of all the cream lipsticks I've tried. It's smooth, creamy, and has just the perfect amount of moisture, the pigmentation is amazing. Roserin is the perfect nude rose on my skin. I use it with the KA Lip Pencil in Medium to line and/or fill in, apply, blot, reapply, and then use a bit of the Expert Gloss in Tulapina just in the center for that great full 3D lip effect. The pencil is amazing as well, and it shapes and primes-but this is a lipstick that you can wear alone-absolutely stunning. I also have Carliana and I don't normally wear reds but I love it so much. The formula is so expert(aptly named) that you can try new shades. The packaging is so elegant, and the outside of the tube is magnetic when it's replaced. A must-have for everyone's kit! Everything you'd expect from this iconic brand:)

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Iman A.
Love it!

Wild Orchid is the perfect shade Sometimes it's hard to find that perfect color that is not too plain but not too bright either and wild orchid has been that for me. The formula is great as well; smooth and creamy but not too shiny. It's not long lasting by any means but it does last a decent amount of time on my lips. Only downside for me personally is it clings to dry patches on my lips after a few hours even if I exfoliated my lips. So after 3-4 hours of wear I do like to take it off and reapply to get that fresh smooth finish once again. I don't mind it that much but it's something to think about.

Still this has been the only lipstick I wore since I got it 2 months ago. I'm halfway through my first tube and already bought a second.

Jessie E.

This is my favorite lipstick ever. The color is gorgeous, it feels amazing, it smells amazing. I'm a liquid lipstick only kind of girl, but I want every color of this brand.

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Rebekah S.
Amazing formula, Perfect Fall shade!
Photo of product included with review by Rebekah S.

When this lipstick first arrived, I was disappointed. The somewhat muted plummy brown in the swatches was a very warm reddish brown on me with plum undertones (I pull red out of almost everything...even things that initially appear not to have any red!). On me it was very reminiscent of Chantecaile Ceylon or YSL RVS #1 for comparison purposes. Anyway, even though this lipstick is pigmented, one's natural lip color definitely plays a part in how it will look once applied...just be aware, like in my case, it looks nothing like the swatch lol! For reference, I am platinum blonde NW15-20 with blue eyes. I didn't know if I liked it...I was looking for a muted plum, and at first Dantrice seemed sort of...well...brown on me. However, once I was in the proper lighting, I put on a full face of makeup and absolutely fell in love! It is the embodiment of a crisp fall day...warm brown mixed with a tinge of plum, and the shimmer you see in the bullet translates to a beautiful, glossy finish. The formula is wonderful...perfect for the colder months, it is nice and emollient, doesn't dry my lips at all, is pigmented, silky smooth, and doesn't bleed or feather. It is fairly heavily scented (sort of a sweet floral scent) I actually don't mind the scent/taste, but I always like to mention it's presence in case someone is sensitive to fragrance. Bottom line: the color was a surprise, but in the end it was a pleasant surprise nonetheless! The formula is divine if you like a glossier lipstick, I highly recommend, especially for Fall!

Jill B.

A beautiful, deep, warm rose color. Moisturizing and feels nice when applied. Didn't last as long as I'd like, but didn't feather. I am very particular about lipstick formulas and can't say this is the best for me, but definitely above average.

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Cortney S.
Photo of product included with review by Cortney S.

These are lightweight, gorgeous lipsticks. They're creamy, smooth and come in gorgeous packaging.

I have quickly become addicted to them after receiving Falon (a peachy nude) as a gift. I also have Leahana (a rosy pink) and Carliana (a true blue bright red). They all wear as a satin finish.

They are intense, pigmented and last on the lips. They remind me of Tom Ford on the lips. They feel like I'm wearing nothing to the point where when I first wore Falon I kept checking my makeup mirror to make sure I still had it on!

In the photo, from top to bottom, Carliana, Leahana, and Falon. The photo simply doesn't do them justice. Carliana is a bit darker in person but it's the best my iPhone could do!

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Bri B.

I love this lipstick! The formula is super smooth and goes on really well. The color is vibrant and bright and lasts. I reapply after eating or drinking, but that's pretty standard for me. There is also a light kind of floral scent to the lipstick. I love this color for both casual and more dressy looks. Definitely one of my new favorites!

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Nadia W.
Gorgeous Color!

This is simply a gorgeous lip color. It's super hydrating and rich in pigment. I use it with Too Faced Lip Insurance Lip Primer and it stays put all day! No bleeding or feathering. Love it!

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Brandi K.
Sexiest red evah!!

I love a good red lip...but only wear it for special occasions and this one truly makes me feel everything you hope you feel from an expensive crimson lipstick with a name like "bloodroses"; powerful, timeless, elegant, chic, and just a little bit dangerous. The color would suit any skin tone, the formula is super nice and long-wearing without being dry or feathering. It's just perfect. If I had to name my favorite high end red, this would be it! Worth the splurge.

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