Beauty Product Reviews

Very nice

It seems very nice. I expect Natasha will work on having more options for different styles of make up in the near future. I very much felt like a special lady in an average environment. The blush is quite a bit fancier than I am.


It is everywhere. And I love the brand, but . Could we come up with a high performing product without resorting to ingredients found in low priced items, please? My skin should be important to the company as I represent the brand versus resenting what I support. Everything about it: 1) The Concept 2) the design 3) the color combinations 4) the professional responsibility to educate the public of its usage are all very important. Which I why I gave it 4 stars. But I don’t think the ingredients should affect our skin if we pay so much to own the product. And post about it. - I paid for this product with my own money.


This palette will continue to go under rated unless we are able to create accredited content to prove otherwise. The Natasha Denona Camel palette exceeded my expectations in what was never possible to conceive from social media alone.

At first I was afraid; I was petrified....

My heart didn’t feel still and strong until I used the tones. People are complaining about their palette. They say things that I don’t see happening on my palette. I see plenty of pigment with the few I tried. Blue tones and blush tones.

One constant I do notice: I have not used an outside agent or product to make contact with my brush, the product and my face. I don’t recommend using anything other than the suggested product: “plain water”. Do not use oil/silicone spray on this palette. It will change the way your palette will perform. Remember: Natasha Denona has been working in the industry for a lifetime.

I will post another look as I explore further.