Beauty Product Reviews

Great Palette!

This was one of my first eyeshadow palettes ever, and I still have it! The shadows are high-quality, blend-able, and pigmented. Perfect to create subtle or bold smokey looks for any and every occasion. Has a lot of great transition colors as well.

Amazing Product

This product is pricey for what it is - a clear brow gel. However, take into account how much your personal makeup routine relies on a high quality brow gel. I love this product and it performs great, but I'm not sure I will purchase a full size because I'm not sure this is necessary for me personally. I also have a clear brow gel from the brand Essence that was only $2 that also works fine for me. I do see why people would like the ABH one more though, I think it does a better job of holding the hairs exactly in place, but like I said, depends on how important that is to each person.


This one of my go-to eyeliners always. The brush isn't felt tip like the other one or other brands that usually use felt tip (although I like some of those too). This brush is really cool because its a bunch of tiny bristles that taper into an ultra-fine point, making liner application very sharp and smooth. I also use this liner to clean up the lines when I work with a gel-pot liner, since my forte with liner seems to be liquid.

Seems Necessary - But pricey

When you already pay $20 for the sponge, you don't exactly leap for joy about spending another $18 on cleanser for it. You'd imagine that you'd be able to just use normal face or dish soap to clean this, but I haven't yet found a less expensive soap that cleans the blender as well as this one!

These are Everything!

Moonstone was the first highlight I ever purchased! I know they run a bit pricey but they are SO worth it. Pigmentation is like no other, these can be used as a highlight, eyeshadow, or for the inner corners of your eyes to make them pop! These powders are so smooth and creamy, they almost don't feel like powders at all!

Great Product - Just not for me

I've heard fantastic things about this foundation, and rightfully so. Tarte is an amazing brand, which is why I wanted to try this product since I was looking to try a new foundation that fit my skin type better. I have sensitive combination skin, and usually wouldn't use liquid based foundations when I first purchased this. I loved the color match, it looked great on my face and didn't have any issues applying it. My main issue with this foundation is that after a couple days of wearing it, I noticed a reddish-pink looking rash on my cheeks and this continued towards my jaw bone. After making sure nothing else in my makeup or skincare routine was different besides this foundation, I had to stop using it and return it. So I guess my skin was just too sensitive for this product? I don't know if anyone else has had this issue. :/


I have 2 of these so far, and they are amazing! The pigments are very long-lasting and look good by themselves over primer or over a bold base to make the color pop even more. Will definitely add more colors to my collection. Color descriptions would be helpful though for purchasing online. I bought mine in a store that sold them so I was able to swatch them beforehand to see the true color.

I've had this palette for years

Overall, I adore this palette. The colors are amazing and it's great for beginners, but anyone at any level of makeup experience can enjoy. The colors are blend-able and suitable for almost any occasion! This palette is a must have for someone who doesn't have a lot of neutral shades in their collection, or is looking for a versatile palette that is also convenient to travel with. The only complaint I would have is that the shade "Nude Beach" began to eventually crumble in the pan, so I wasn't able to use the rest of it.

Versatile and Highly Pigmented

This contour palette is amazing, I've been using mine every day since I purchased it in February! The powders are all highly pigmented and buttery, making blending extremely easy. I'd recommend this palette for beginners especially, since there's a helpful guide included and it has matching "highlight" shades for each contour shade. I usually end up using the highlight shades to set my under eye and concealer as well! I am also able to use every single color in this palette for different looks or events, which I feel is rare with products like this.

Favorite Brow Product

I've been using ABH dip brow for about 2 years now. I had tried many different brow kits that were more on the inexpensive end because I always try to see if a drugstore or less expensive product will do exactly what I'm looking for before purchasing something pricier. I eventually caved 2 summers ago and bought the dip brow and I've been using the same product for my brows ever since. I use a really cheap angled brow brush that I found at Bed Bath & Beyond for $2 or the $3 brow/spoolie brush from Morphe. The product glides on smoothly and easily, a little bit goes a VERY long way. I've only bought this product twice as it lasts me forever, so it makes the price extremely reasonable at that point. Definitely recommend this product to anyone with sparse or thin brows and want to add more definition.

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