Beauty Product Reviews

Great Finish & Long Lasting!!

I've used both shades of this powder and both have a beautiful finish. The silver is great in photos as it acts as glowing highlighter!! Soooo lovely and makes skin look amazing! Same with the bronze. They both last all day and night so never a need to apply twice in a day. Because of that and unlike many other powders one container will last 6 months or more reducing cost of replacing by quite bit. Other powders I've used need to be reapplied throughout the day and last maybe 2 months. Highly recommend both powders

Beautiful color

Great color as are many of the nail laquers but not easy to apply as its thin and seems watery. With multiple coats the color really pops but it's not at all long lasting and chips and peels easily.

Love the Prep & Primer!!

This product makes skin of all types glow to perfection! I'm a photographer and we use this on many models to highlight cheeks and face as well as legs and tummy. Truly makes skin look beautiful