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Nail Lacquer


Ariane C.
not worth the money

I've had quite a few of these over the years and they are really hit and miss. The ones in their permanent line are watery and a nightmare to apply. Some of their limited edition ones are better quality, but not for the price. I can find much better polishes at a much more accessible price!

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Monica C.

I've had a couple MAC polishes, and tried a ton in store and overall they're CRAP! They are so watery, and take AT LEAST 4 coats to look opaque. My stupid $2.00 Sinful colors are better.

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Nicole A.
field of flowers

I have a color called field of flowers not listed but reminds me of a field of deep purple tulips. The color is just beautiful high shine 3 coats and I'm good to go. The dry time is quite fast and not clumpy at all. I have the few I own and they are a bit pricey but u can always recycle them xxoo

Allana  M.

So I found my summer nail color! MAC Play Day nail lacquer is simply gorgeous! This peachy orange color looks great on all skin tones and is defiantly eye catching. MAC nail lacquers are high gloss formulas, so a top coat is not needed and provide no-streak/no-chip finish. They also contain conditioners and UV protection! Talk about hi-tech lacquer.

This color is currently limited edition so it will only be around for a year, so if you love it as much as I do buy 2 bottles (I bought 3 lol :) )

Aysel S.
Gorgeous but tends to get gloppy.

I love Past Curfew! It's super vampy and dark. It's very wintry and perfect for the fall, and even better for things like holiday parties or prom. The only problem I really have with this is that it tends to gloppy.

Michele N.
I like it...

I got Kid Orange from the Marilyn Monroe collection.. I actually love this color. I was not sure about an orange color, but I love reds in the fall, and thought I would give this a go. It has a slight red tone to it. I would totally get another color...

Jlee B.

great color. nice consistency. doesn't chip too bad. really loved how they made matching polishes to the most popular L/s! I do wish they weren't so pricey. if they were 8 and less, i'd purchase a lot more!

JerryTheErry x.
Nice Colour But...

I have this in Quite Time which was limited edition I think and I love the colour btt it chips soooooo easily its a joke, the consistency is great, the sheen is great, the finish is great but the lasting power? Not there I'm afraid.

Julie A.
Beautiful color

Great color as are many of the nail laquers but not easy to apply as its thin and seems watery. With multiple coats the color really pops but it's not at all long lasting and chips and peels easily.