Beauty Product Reviews

Love This.<3

First of let me start of by saying that i never used this brush for blush, instead Ive been using this S.Kashuk brush to apply my liquid foundation. It gives an airbrush look to my face. No Streaks! The Brush Handle Is Very Elegant, I just love this brush!

Life Saver In A Bottle.<3

I Love This Spray! I Like It Better Than My Mac Fix+. I Spray It Before My Foundation And After I'm Done With All My Makeup To Set It! You See A Huge Difference Within Seconds! It Helps My Makeup Last All Day! (And Night) Its Basically Like A Hairspray For Your Face. Haha. I First Wasn't Sure If I Wanted To Spend So Much Money On This So I Bought The Sample Size First & Here I Am With My Second Bottle Full Size! I Also Tried The "De Slick" Don't Bother With That One This One Is Much Better! Trust!!! xo.

Ive Bought This More Than Once. <3

This Little Jar Is Amazing! I Really Recommend Purchasing This To Anyone! It Smells So Good & Tastes Even Better! (Not That You Should Eat It! ) Lol. It Instantly Leaves Your Lips Feeling Buttery, & Heals Chapped Lips Within Seconds!