Beauty Product Reviews

Love love love (singing)

I'm soooooo happy i finally got a BB cream, & this one is the only one i tried out yet...; i love it! My skin, feels sooo soft, the coulour is just right for me (i have the light one), & what i love the most about it, it doesn't leave that oily finish.... really a great product. I now use it every day, to go to work & when i go out, i put it on as a base & use less foundation. Really a great product! :) Oh & another faaaabulous thing, this costs me 9 EUR (in Belgium)! Extremely cheap :) So i'm very very happy :)

In love with the Acid Blue one :)

First of all, great idea to have a round brush, really easy to apply, especially on someone else. I really like it a lot, but my haert only beats for the ACID BLUE Phenomen'eyes... i just love the colour, it applies like a charm & it's waterproof, but not the harsh type of waterproof mascara... its doesn't dry out the eyelashes & you don't need special make up remover...; i just love it :)

One of my favies

This is just perfect, love to work with this foundation, endless color range, mixes fabulously :) you can reach the perfect colour for each person you make up , i own 5 colours, but use only 3of them a lot, & it does really match the skintone of each person if you mix them well. For me i only use 1 pump & it's enough to cover my face & blend into my neckline... i really love this foundation

Yummy love

This one is my new favorite... it's a mix between Nina from Nina Ricci & Ck Shock ... Sweet & yummy... what do we need more :) this just completes my personality :) makes me happy when i smell it :)

Love it

Gosh i love this sent... wanna eat it (well, you know what i mean lol ) So fruity & candy like... I dunno how you call it in english but in french it's Pomme d'amour, it's an apple on a stick with red coloured caramel on it... & it's smells just like that. Love it :)