Beauty Product Reviews

Nice Coverage

I enjoy the creaminess of this BB foundation. I like the coverage. It's a little thicker than the average foundation I use but once on it's not heavy and the coverage is nice. This is my new favorite!


I just switched from using Cover girl I know not top of the makeup chain but I liked it and stuck with it. I am more mature now in my makeup picks and like this one a bit better not as cakey and lite on the face. I don't feel like I have powder on which had been a problem before.

Use it daily

I love using this helps my foundation from settling into fine lines and wrinkles. Makes my makeup seem cleaner (if that makes sense) Yes its nylon and not a MAC goat hair brush but I like that it is animal friendly.


I love the amount of mascara on each lash I get with this. It separates and covers amazingly. I like the wetness of the mascara as well it's a great balance and dries quick. Only down fall is when I get it too close to the lid it is a mess to fix (amateur). I like the shape of the brush very unique.

Wont trade it in

I have a standing order whenever there is a sales like 4 for $10 I buy 8 always different colors. I have been doing the double liner look with a natural lid because I dont like color that reaches my brow and I love it. (I didn't use color at all not too long ago)

Wish they made a new one

I loved this product after I read someone else's review on another website I purchased it knowing that if you took the battery cover off it worked just fine. I bought 2 just in case and LOVE IT. I cant wait for them to come out with a newly redesigned one without the battery issue. Heats up in seconds and I used it before and after mascara. It does hold a curl much longer.

Can't get enough

AVON has once again made a regimen I love. I use these nightly even though they are an "age" group above my age; I dont get overly moisturized or oily from these products and still dont have a zit problem going on 6 months... I did however use the clearskin pro products first as I was having breakouts with every "time of the month".. Now that that is cleared I wouldnt change back.

Love this I love the fan like blades and gave up my Illegal length for this. I am slowly switching more things I used to love for AVON products I just dont want to put down.