SuperDrama Mascara


Chardae P.

I love this mascara! The wand coats every lash with the right amount of product and it dries quick. It provides great length volume. This has become my everyday mascara.

Iva H.

Love this I love the fan like blades and gave up my Illegal length for this. I am slowly switching more things I used to love for AVON products I just dont want to put down.

Tiffani W.
Better than Supershock!

This mascara is incredible! I was using Supershock then I tried out Rimmel Lycra Lash Extender which I loved but then I decided to give Superdrama a try and I'm sold. Really makes a difference in the visible length of my lashes which are pretty short and bearly there. Brush does a good job of seperating and no clumping! Woo hoo!!

Iva H.

I love the amount of mascara on each lash I get with this. It separates and covers amazingly. I like the wetness of the mascara as well it's a great balance and dries quick. Only down fall is when I get it too close to the lid it is a mess to fix (amateur). I like the shape of the brush very unique.