Heated Eyelash Curler


Iva H.
Wish they made a new one

I loved this product after I read someone else's review on another website I purchased it knowing that if you took the battery cover off it worked just fine. I bought 2 just in case and LOVE IT. I cant wait for them to come out with a newly redesigned one without the battery issue. Heats up in seconds and I used it before and after mascara. It does hold a curl much longer.

Vanessa D.
Hit or Miss

This heated eyelash curler works....sometimes. I've used it a few times and it's worked great maybe half the time. I would definately recommend using it AFTER you put on mascara because when I used it before, it did absolutely nothing. After I applied mascara it worked great, but like 3 out of 7 times. Even when it did work, it took forever to curl my lashes. You're supposed to brush it along your lashes like you do with mascara, but to get even the smallest amount of curl, you have to do it very slowly... it took maybe 10 minutes per eye to get it just a teeny bit curled. Plus it can sometimes really heat up your delicate eyelid... it's not really hot but sometimes you can feel it heat up your lashline and it's pretty uncomfortable. Overall, I would say go ahead and use it if you have a lot of time to spend doing your lashes, otherwise just use the old fashioned eye lash curlers.