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Amazing product

What makes this product unique is that it's a salicylic acid product in an oil-base, unlike most other chemical exfoliants in the market. I've been applying this liberally every day on my face since I got it and my skin has been clear with nary a blemish since I've been using this. I love this product, actually came to Beautylish to repurchase but just found out it's out of stock. Oh well.

Perfect light water-based moisturizer

I love this gel, I've gone through about two tubes of this already and I hope to repurchase more. It's a terrific product for providing the right amount of hydration to the skin without being greasy or occlusive. I use this as a hybrid between serum and moisturizer on days when I feel like my skin just needs more moisture.

Reposting my review because it accidentally put a 2 star rating instead of a 5 star rating

I posted a 5 star review of this previously yet somehow when it went up, it only had 2 stars. In any case, this is a very unique cleanser I love for removing eye makeup, sunscreen and even the most stubborn silicone bases. I absolutely love it. You also get a great amount of product for the price. Will repurchase when I'm done with my current bottle.

Amazing for taking everything -- and I mean everything -- off

I decided to put this product to the test by seeing if it really was as effective a cleanser as other reviewers claimed it was. I double cleansed my face and went over it with micellar water, then I used this product to see if it would be able to take off anything that was left on my skin. I was extremely surprised to see that even after I'd gone through all my skincare steps, this product was still able to remove dirt and debris remaining on my skin.

This has a strange, almost oily texture but it isn't a heavy or occlusive product. The residue it leaves behind evaporates after thirty minutes or so and you're left with very clean, moisturized skin. Definitely worth a try if you are someone who wants to be sure they are removing every last trace of makeup on their face.

I don't use this as often as I thought I would

I might be in the minority here but I've found that I don't use this brush as often as a I thought I would. This fan brush isn't very compatible with gelee highlighters or higlighters that are packed more densely into the pan (i.e. Jouer highlighters) so I don't find myself reaching for this as often as I thought I would. It's perfectly fine as a fan brush but just be forewarned that the hairs on the edge have a tendency to splay if you don't take measures to keep this in its proper shape.

Test drove this color today...

Some reviewers have said this formula is comparable to a baked gelee type of formula other highlighters have (i.e. Makeup For Ever, Dior) but I find it doesn't have the same glossy, shiny finish those have. This particular shade is a very pretty highlighter best suited for those with light neutral to cool undertones because of its pink tone.

I like it best when it's applied with the Hakuhodo J5521 brush which is similar to the new Wayne Goss 10 brush. That brush is dense enough to pick up the color and pigmentation while wispier fan brushes might not get the job done. Overall I quite like this but it's not got quite the gelee formula finish that some reviewers claim it has. I do have other shades and will chime in with reviews of those once I've used them.

Essential for anybody who cares about keeping their products sterile and sanitized

I love this spoon for use with my creams, foundations, concealers -- anything that comes in a pot that I don't want to dip my fingers into. It's well made, conveniently sized and very reasonably priced. Can't wait to get more.

Terrific chemical exfoliant

I'm a big fan of BHA products to unclog my pores and I really love this particular formulation. It doesn't sting but it's potent enough to unclog cystic acne, stubborn closed comedones or even your ordinary, congested dull skin. The only problem I have with this is it's such a small bottle and you could use it up very fast if you use it too liberally. Otherwise, I don't have any complaints. Superb product.

High quality oil for a good price

I usually use Trilogy's Rosehip oil from New Zealand in my skincare routine but that stuff is expensive for what it really is. I ordered some rosehip oil from the Ordinary and I fell in love. I can honestly say that I can really feel the difference when I use rosehip oil compared to when I don't use it; it brightens my skin, improves the texture, prevents blemishes and it moisturizes. The linoleic acid in rosehip oil really makes my skin so much smoother. Will always repurchase.

What an amazing primer

I have a lot of primers because I'm obsessed with them and I have to say, this is one of the best silicone-based primers I've ever used. For best results, apply it on a dry face and use it with a silicone-based foundation rather than a water based or oil-based foundation. I'm using this now with my ettusais BB cream and it's amazing. It prevents the formula from sinking into pores, it makes your skin look so smooth and it really does help your product last. I use this with Niod's Photography fluid, 12% based on a Val Garland recommendation and it makes you look airbrushed. Worth a look if you're in the market for a silicone primer that's of a different texture than the traditional gels sold by other companies. Wish Beautylish would carry Niod too, their stuff is amazing.

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