Wayne Goss

Brush 15 Fan Brush

Wayne Goss: The Best Selling Brushes


Indigo T.
Great Brush for Highlighting

I use this one for highlighter and it does a great job. It holds enough product and the shape is perfect. Another great brush from Wayne Goss.

Oxana F.
Soft power

Softest gentle brush. not scratchy. Good with picking up and applying product. Few gentle moves and - bling! - you have the highlight on your cheekbones that can be seen from outer space. Works well with all my powder highlighters.

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Pang X.
Best highlighting brush!!!!

I've tried a few highlighting brushes but this is my favorite. It's fool proof. It applies the perfect amount. When I use this brush, the highlighters that normally shows a lot of my texture don't do it anymore. It's perfect for me!

Andrea S.
Nice brush

A nice good crafted brush which works. But other fan brushes do the same job as well. Some of the WG brushes are outstanding. This however is more normal if you know what I mean.

Alex E.
The old version was way better

This one is very stiff. It’s not great to highlight with its good to dust off bake or apply a thin layer of powder over the face.

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Nicole S.
Wayne goss Fan brush

I Love it it‘s sooo soft and perfekt for me too use highlighter or for contouring.... I Love it....

barbara g.
Good fan brush just not as good as sonia g fan brush

I alternate between this brush and the sonia g. This is a very good brush but not as dense as the sonia g. Very soft and applies blush and highlight well.

barbara g.
Lovely brush

This is my favorite fan brush after the Sonia G. I often use both. The Wayne Goss brush is good for blending and smoothing over blush and high lighter.

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barbara g.
Beautiful brush

I love this and all Wayne Goss brushes and this was an excellent price. I use it to apply blush for a delicate, more natural look.

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Hojin L.

It really is soft and light. Mine came with one of the hair pieces (or bristle? I am not sure what to call it. I don't know much about brushes and the term) sticking out. I thought it came shedding and was a bit alarmed. I did not want to go through the refund process since I live in South Korea. Luckily, it works fine and I love it. The piece sticking out isn't serious and I know they are handcrafted and not done by machines so I am not fussing over it. Plus, I loved the packaging of all the products that came. It's my first time shopping at Beautylish and the delivery process and service made me want to continue to shop from here. It is much faster and easier to track than the freight forwarding companies that I used.

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