Stainless Steel Spoon


Julia A. Team

I did not know I could ever love a tiny spoon so much. Definitely buying some back ups. This lil dude is sturdy as hell and even more convenient. I use it for beauty balms, hard to reach product in jars, mixing my foundation, everything!! I love this tiny spoon.

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Gemma L.
Gemma L.'s Review Image

It is perfect. I love this little spoon, the size used to dig my creams is very convenient.

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Kay C.
Essential for anybody who cares about keeping their products sterile and sanitized

I love this spoon for use with my creams, foundations, concealers -- anything that comes in a pot that I don't want to dip my fingers into. It's well made, conveniently sized and very reasonably priced. Can't wait to get more.

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Colette A.
Foundation Mixer

I bought this little spoon to mix foundation and facial oil for a dewy look. It works well and is solid.

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Galit M.
3-1/8" (8 cm) long!

Length is great to get to the bottom of deeper cosmetics jars. No coating that flakes off. So much nicer than those little plastic spatulas that come with some products. Well worth the extra cents. Bought two and will buy more cuz they're so cute.

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Melanie C. Team
Small. easy to use. Convenient!

I think Julia A's review says it all - how can one love a tiny spoon more than it is possible? But also....who would even think that you NEED this tiny spoon in your life? It's definitely helped me to scoop out the bits from jars that I have where my already small fingers cannot reach and helps me to ensure I'm getting every bit of product out. I've used it to scoop out other products so I can more easily mix them and even use the handle to just get the most ever so slight amount of product to use when I need it. It's not flimsy either, it's pretty sturdy and just the right size and length. Also an excellent small item to throw in your bag if you're just a hair away from the free shipping minimum for your order!

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Love this spoon

This spoon is perfect for those hard to get into jars when you have nails. Great little extra to have around .

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Ann B.
Must Have

This spoon is a must have for scooping liquid and/or cream products out of jars and measuring liquids from droppers. It is more sanitary than fingers and more importantly it can be used to measure how much product you need. I use it to measure my Buffet by The Ordinary since a dropper full varies in size considerably. But 2 spoonfuls of Buffet are the perfect amount and I don't waste any product.

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Andrew A.
Useful, and really cute!

I finally got my hands on one as they sell out pretty quickly. This steel spoon picks up the perfect amount of product. Im not sure how they nailed the size of the spoon, but it really does pick up the right amount!!

I use it mainly to pick up a drop of my Sunday Riley moisturizer since its in a jar.. I also recently used it to mix a blend of my foundation. Its summer so I needed to use two foundation shades, the spoon is so sturdy and I was able to mix, push, and blend without it breaking.

I order three more. For the price and efficacy, you cant beat it!

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Randi  C.
Love this spoon!

Awesome quality and now I don’t have to cringe at the idea of putting my fingers in jar packaging. I bought 3!

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