Low-Viscosity Cleaning Ester


Kay C.
Reposting my review because it accidentally put a 2 star rating instead of a 5 star rating

I posted a 5 star review of this previously yet somehow when it went up, it only had 2 stars. In any case, this is a very unique cleanser I love for removing eye makeup, sunscreen and even the most stubborn silicone bases. I absolutely love it. You also get a great amount of product for the price. Will repurchase when I'm done with my current bottle.

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Alicia B.

This stuff is amazing. Nuff said. It really removes EVERYTHING with one wipe and rinse. Sensitive skin approved. My rosacea even seems calmer.

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Kay C.
Amazing for taking everything -- and I mean everything -- off

I decided to put this product to the test by seeing if it really was as effective a cleanser as other reviewers claimed it was. I double cleansed my face and went over it with micellar water, then I used this product to see if it would be able to take off anything that was left on my skin. I was extremely surprised to see that even after I'd gone through all my skincare steps, this product was still able to remove dirt and debris remaining on my skin.

This has a strange, almost oily texture but it isn't a heavy or occlusive product. The residue it leaves behind evaporates after thirty minutes or so and you're left with very clean, moisturized skin. Definitely worth a try if you are someone who wants to be sure they are removing every last trace of makeup on their face.

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A G.
Removes everything!

I have been using this for a month and a half and I can honestly say it has changed my skin. I use to have several blackheads and bumps on my chin but since I started using this, I have seen my skin clearing up and looking more even. It has an oily feeling and doesn't seem like it's doing anything but after prolonged use I saw a difference in my skin. My skin feels more balanced and no longer stripped after cleansing.

I do a double cleanse everyday and the Cleaning Ester has replaced my 2nd step. I will oil cleanse to remove makeup and use the Cleaning Ester to remove any other trace of makeup and dirt from my skin.

I highly recommend trying this product for people who have a hard time finding a cleanser that works for their skin and doesn't leave it feeling completely stripped.

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Christie K.
Works perfectly but triggered rosacea breakout

This product was incredible at dissolving makeup and left my skin feeling soft and clean. Sadly, on day 3 it triggered a pretty bad breakout. I have rosacea and this is something I have to deal with, rather than a criticism of the product itself. But if you also have rosacea, proceed cautiously.

Returned with regret.

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Kim M.

This does nothing. Doesn't remove makeup, makes my eyes blurry and needs to be used repeatedly in one application to do the job. Then I need to wash with another cleanser to remove the film over my eyes because I can't see. Only purpose for this product is to make my granite sink not look dull. I'm not big on returning makeup or skincare products but this is going back! The price is hideous too for what it claims to do!

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Jenny S.
Great cleanser

Really enjoying this cleanser and would definitely repurchase. Yes it is a bit unusual and does leave a layer of residue on your face after you wash it off but to me this just feels like I have already applied a soothing toner/serum and I am quite happy with that! Smells pleasant, almost lightly floral. Very gentle and non stripping and I find that you only need a few drops to clean your face so it should last a long time. I also think that it seems to be helping to rebalance my skin and I have been getting less oiliness in my T zone. Very happy.

Kishlette ..
Amazing with some tweaks

While LVCE dissolves makeup better than any oil cleanser I've ever used, I had two issues with it. 1) The packaging is messy. Putting it in a pump bottle fixed that. 2) I couldn't actually get the product off my face! I'd have black eyeliner dissolved and streaked across my cheeks; the only way of removing it was to scrape it off with a rough towel or double-cleanse, which I didn't want to do around my eyes. Using it alone, my skin got clogged up and broke out with 3 weeks because it left too much film. I nearly gave up on it but then thought that, if I could add an emulsifier, it might wash clean (like how Kiehl's oil cleanser works). I researched emulsifiers and found cosmetic-grade Polysorbate-80 for a few dollars on eBay. Approx. 85% LVCE to15% Polysorbate-80 does the trick. Now I have the best of both worlds - an awesome cleanser that also washes clean. If you're having similar issues, it's the perfect fix!

Natalie  S.
Oily oil

Surpringly it is a cleansing oil, it acts like oil it feels like oil, i feel like washing my face out of this greasy substance. I am sure it will inhibit penetration products applied after