Beauty Product Reviews

Quick tool, not sure about the colors

So.. I liked the idea of this multi color spinning pen. It's so easy to pack one pen than a few different pencils in a make up bag, right? The problem I had with it was that the definer and highlight color didn't go with my skin tone. I'm a pale Asian. The definer and highlight was too pink and too dark for my skin tone. I had to REALLY blend with my finger tips to make them do what they are supposed to do. I couldn't see how these two color would ever work for me. That meant only half of the pen would be of any use to me. Wasn't worth the price for just two brown eyebrow shades. Too bad. I would like to pack one handy pen for my eye brows.

Game changer

I am Asian with hooded eyes(half the eyelid fold disappears when eyes are opened). I have a hard time making a natural fade out when I apply vivid eye shadow colors and use the beauty blender to clean off and shape the blend on the outside rim. I wondered how other women get that nice shape of blend around the wing tip without doing what I do with the beauty blender. It was this brush.. or at least brushes shaped like this. I am glad I tried this out. It wasn't too big for my eyes or my hooded lids.

Fluid and easy to apply

It reminds me of Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation but is more fluid and easier to apply. Light to medium coverage and went on even for my dry patchy skin. Second layer gives you more coverage. One thing that I’m not too upset about is that I don’t see any silver pearl or glitter or sheen at all in color 1.0ns. The description reads like it would have a pearly silver glow in my opinion but I didn’t see any of that. I get quite oily in the T zone and cheeks. This stayed visible for about 4-5hours with a foundation base and a light setting powder. Can’t say the stay power is remarkable but I was amazed how easy it was to put on with a sponge on patchy dry areas without creasing. That rarely happens. I will restock on this when I run out. I’d also purchase some other colors. 1.0ns is way paler than GA luminous silk #2 and is closer to mac nw10. Maybe even paler.

Just what I needed that I didn't know existed

This brush has the most softest yet flixble and bouncy bristles. I've never used a pencil brush before to do my makeup. I'm an artist and I use brushes that look like this one on my canvas. Naturally, I thought it would be easy to use a similar shaped brush on my face and oh how I wish I tried it earlier. The shape of the brush makes it easy to blend and just put on colors without fall out or fading. I didn't know what the big difference is until I did one eye with another brush and the one eye with this one. It packs the color onto your eyelids better. It also blends like a dream. I think it may be a little too soft for the lower lash line details but it works for all other parts of the eye. Also, this brush fits right into the Natsha Denona eyeshadow palette 5s. I keep one in there in my bag. I'm in love and this will be a staple in my brush collection. Never change and please never discontinue!


I've read many reviews and came to the conclusion that this brush would be the perfect foundation brush for me. I've had an acute acne and eczema burst out a year back which left me with acne scars, bigger pores and redness around the nose. Finding a foundation that applies like a dream was my goal for a while and then the right brush for it became an obsession. This brush is good for powder, cream and gel foundation because it can used for stifling, smudging and brushing. It takes a little getting used to the weight of this brush. Not that it's heavy but it is heavier than most brushes I've encountered of the similar size. The bristles are soft in every direction with any stroke yet has a bounce to it. It is not suitable for small corners like around the nostrils or under eye areas. Needs the help of a smaller brush but for general even application all over the face, this brush is awesome. I've used this as a blushing brush as well and I think it's perfect for a cute round cheek application. (under the eye, next to the nose, not in front of your ears contour blushing) I just swirl it in the apple of my cheeks and the brush makes a perfect rounded blur of blush. The bristles made me think of my natural hair watercolor brush. Soft with a nice flexibility and maintains its shape after wash.

So soft and blendable!

First off, Beautylish customer service is THE BEST. The bristles of this brush is soft and dense enough to be blend powder and blush but I bought it as a foundation brush as many reviewers recommended it. I like that it doesn't absorb too much of my cream foundation and yet blends it in onto my face without pushing it around like many dense foundation brushes do. I thought getting to nose and eye areas will be difficult since the brush shape has no edge, but got the job done by stippling around the nose. It really makes make up easier in the morning. I'm not sensitive about the weight of a brush but this one had a nice balance.