Beauty Product Reviews

It has its virtues, but....

I was anxious to try this stuff when I first saw it because I love using products without harsh ingredients that are gentler on the hair. The first thing that hit me was the smell--it was so strong, and kind of stinky-sweet. I'd use this on my hair, leave the bathroom, and come back later, and the bathroom would still smell like this stuff. I usually try to judge products by their performance rather than the smell, but the smell was bad enough to be a drawback. The performance on my hair wasn't that great, either. As my hair air-dried, I'd still see a lot of little baby hairs among my curls that hadn't been smoothed down, and the curl definition was so-so. Come morning, my hair felt like it had product on it. This mousse didn't leave my hair crunchy or sticky, but it still didn't feel right. Overall, sadly not impressed :(


I've been using this as my nourishing/detangling in-shower conditioner for the recommended 3-5 minutes every few nights, plus a weekly deep conditioner after my clarifying shampoo. WOW!!! It was over 80% humidity when I dampened my hair this morning to revive my curls after sleeping, and no frizz! I don't even have any little baby fuzzies sticking up above my head. My curls are intact, defined, smooth, and even a little shiny. Nicely done, Organix!

Colorstay Stays

Great staying power! I've put it on in the morning, sweated through a vigorous workout in the afternoon, taken a shower, and it was still there in the evening. Doesn't stay well on the waterline, but other than that, it doesn't budge. Comes off easily with a Q-tip. It's a little firmer than some liners I've tried, but I still find it very cooperative to put on. Good pigmentation as well, and it smudges easily. Comes with its own attached sharpener, which is easy to use. It's affordable, and one pencil seems to last forever. My favorites are Blackberry, Charcoal, and of course, black!

Solution for natural-looking lashes!

I love this stuff because it's so soft! Just like the name. I'm very lucky to have naturally long, thick eyelashes, but when I want to wear mascara to darken them and make them stand out, I have problems with other mascaras being too much and giving me "tarantula legs." This does give a little bit of length, but it's never too much on my lashes. The formula is very smooth, so it applies easily and doesn't clump. It also doesn't flake, which my contact lenses appreciate, and it is truly waterproof--I've cried while wearing this stuff, and not a racoon eye in sight. Best of all, it looks very natural on the lashes! Yay!!! Also removes easily with eye makeup remover. This is one of my Holy Grail products!