Curl Activating Mousse


Katherine S.
It has its virtues, but....

I was anxious to try this stuff when I first saw it because I love using products without harsh ingredients that are gentler on the hair. The first thing that hit me was the smell--it was so strong, and kind of stinky-sweet. I'd use this on my hair, leave the bathroom, and come back later, and the bathroom would still smell like this stuff. I usually try to judge products by their performance rather than the smell, but the smell was bad enough to be a drawback. The performance on my hair wasn't that great, either. As my hair air-dried, I'd still see a lot of little baby hairs among my curls that hadn't been smoothed down, and the curl definition was so-so. Come morning, my hair felt like it had product on it. This mousse didn't leave my hair crunchy or sticky, but it still didn't feel right. Overall, sadly not impressed :(