Beauty Product Reviews

Beautiful blushes!!

My order came sooo fast! Used it a couple of times already and I love them!!!the rose cold shade is beautiful!! I use them as blushes. Couldn’t be happier!!

Way more darker then in pan

I’m impressed! The shadows come out much darker then I expected. I love it!! I was nervous as first but once I searched it, I was excited for this palette

Best body glow!

I actually don’t use this as a highlighter. I bought it to use as body glitter! It’s so good! Lasts all day! Waterproof!

Sometimes I do use it under foundation. It’s extremely glittery, which will show through the foundation. I love that tho!

The best blue palette ever!

Amazing Jeffree formula as usual. Now this is probably one of my least reached for palettes but my favorite to have!

Not really a blue kind of girl. But when I do reach for blues. This is a palette that I pull! I especially love the deeper shades to use whenever I want to smoke out a neutral look without reaching for black!

Only complaint is that I wish there was a different neutral shade. Celebrity skin just looks Ashy on me.

Surprisingly good!

I feel like this is the one Jeffree Star palette that people didn’t pay attention too but I love it!! Especially the mattes!

Forsure not a cohesive palette but it’s oddly beautiful. The cream and brown matte shades are amazing!! Again another amazing Jeffree Star product!

One of his best!

Hands down one of the best purple palettes out there! I am obsessed! Whenever I want to do purples or pinks, this is the palette to go too!

Smooth buttery formula for every finish. The shades blend beautifully together. I have zero complaints! 🙂

Eh it’s alright

Out of all his palettes, this is the most lack luster.

I own every single palette. I must say, this one didn’t have enough depth for my liking and the formula was more on the dry side. I definitely needed a sticky eye primer and the shimmer shades forsure needed a glitter glue.

The colors just aren’t my kind of colors but as a collector, I needed the palette LOL

This is the SUPREME frost formula

I never understood why people complain about the glitter, when the the supreme frost formula is literally packed with glitter.

I love this palette. I prefer the supreme frost formula compared to his regular formula. I use all the shades except the blue one. This is one of my favorite products from him. The formula is amazing, amazing pay off!

I only have 2 complaints. I wish they had more glitter, and I wish the packaging wasn’t so bulky..


The palette is good but not outstanding. Expected more of a pop! I’m glad I bought the palette. Got it on sale! It’s worth the sale price. I would’ve been mad if I bought it full price.

It does look beautiful on the eyes. I used it with my larger pillow talk palette and they work beautifully together!