Beauty Product Reviews

Fantastic choice

For once, a proper mix of cool and warms, from light to deep that suits very fair skins! Thank you!!! Quality is as expected from Jouer, on the expensive side, but the amount of playtime we get from those really is a treat.

Absolutely brilliant, better than the hyaluronic power of by terry. Seamless, invisible but oh boy it does the job. Make up is set and lasts all day. No cast, no cakey effect, gives a little tint but doesn’t disturb the overall colorizing. The cooling effect upon application is fun. My new everyday powder. I have a very fair dry skin btw


The cosiest cleanser. Makes the skin beautiful and rested. Balm glides effortlessly and the scent is beautiful. Fab for dry skin but for other types, way too rich and it sits on the skin. therefore, impossible to use one's regular routine after.

Fab but comedogenic

I was uber ectastic about the product. Loved using it: brilliant balm, with a raw cacao scent that superblu glides on the skin. I loved every single second of use. However, and this is a huge con: I started breaking out like hell after 3 days coming up with arrays of clogs pores and black spots. Things that never happened in the past years. I stopped, reused some SkinCeuticals cleanser etc to have my skin back in shape and started again with the Blue Cocoon, see it really was from the product. Sadly, yes it is. It is comedogenic to the max. I gave it away... Shame

Huge disappointment

I was expecting the stars and received a standard barely plus mask. Interesting smell, but how classic is the mix: powder + water on a 50/50 basis. It tingles but not as should be expected using cinnamon, skin is smooth but that's it. I mean, you can get the very same result using a regular clay. What a disappointment