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Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder


Brenda S.

I've used this product before and it is supposed to feel almost wet when you put it on but this one does not have that sensation because it is expired and Beautylish will not give you a return option. Don't buy from this site as I'm not the only one that has received expired products and it seems to be Beautylish's MO.

Lisa O.
Life changing!

I can't stop telling people how amazing this powder is. I didn't understand what it was at first other than being a setting powder. Then I tried it and was forever hooked. It goes on cold and feels wet but is completely dry! It makes my face look flawless and I tossed my previous (high end) setting powder aside. I don't need anything but this!

Cindi P.

This is the best product I have ever used!! Poreless finish and I have large ones!!! Only down to it , product goes very quickly. I order 2-3 at a time

Sinting C.
Magical powers for dry skin

I have very sensitive dry skin. When I put on makeup, my t zoon is especially easy to float. I tried various kinds of power and it doesn't work for me. Finally, through the recommendation of tati, I saw this loose powder holding a try mentality. OMG ! So gorgeous, for my skin, so perfect.

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K N.


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Sabrina L.
Orange tinge!

I was so excited to try this powder as I am very dry. I prepped my skin with an exfoliator and a peel and moisturizer and serum. My skin was hydrated and smooth. Was having a really good face day. It came time to set my under eye and to my horror the powder clung to my dry patches an. It was orange! Definitely not translucent! I am so disappointed, I was so prepared to love this!

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Takada S.
Photo of product included with review by Takada S.

初めての感覚でした。濡れたような感覚なのに濡れてない。サラサラしたパウダー。 つけたときは、ヒヤッとして濡れたかと思いました。 乾燥もしないし、シルク肌のようになるので良かったです。またリピートしたいと思うパウダーですね。 届くのも海外からなのに、早いし何よりもとっても丁寧な梱包。嬉しいです。 安心してまた利用したいと思うショップですね。

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Shuhan W.
Not FIT doesn't fit me. first touch is so brilliant, really hyaluronic, but when I used it for a while, it turned to be dry and unbearable spot on my face. it didn't work, hard to love it

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Azra K.
Amazing at blurring imperfections!

This is one of the best imperfection blurring products I've tried, because it actually works. I have acne and a lot of scarring, and this helps with reducing my skin texture. My skin is also extremely oily, but this powder doesn't make me look even more oily so I would say that it's good for oily skin. When I first purchased and used this, it had a slight wet sensation when applied to the skin, like I was setting my face with a mist rather than a powder. However, after quite a few months of having it, the wet sensation has disappeared when I use this powder. This doesn't come with a lot of product which is a shame. But I would highly recommend it if you need something that blurs imperfections.

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Natalie W.
Made me fall in love with powder again!

I normally don’t like using powder to set my makeup... My oily skin always looks super cakey after using powder makeup. But not with this! This sets my makeup and makes it last all day long (which nothing else has ever done) without making me look like I‘m wearing powder. Plus, it’s really nice and refreshing when you put it on :)

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