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Beauty Product Reviews


Totally worth the money. I love it, and best part, no rinsing required. It works for all types of products on brushes. liquid, gel, cream,powder, ect.. The jar is espesially helpful with scrubbing product off.

Best Ever!!

This is by far the best brush cleanser I have ever used. So much so that I felt the need to write a review the day after I used it for the first time. The jar works amazingly for liquid/cream foundaion brushes. It also doesn't leave them soaking wet, like washing under a faucet. I was able to use next morning. The spray work great for big fluffy brushes or barely dirty e/s brushes. Smells awesome. Tip: wipe excess liquid off into jar before drying, I think I wasted some product that could have been reused. (There is an article on here with directions as well). Since its so easy to use, I thin kI will be able to clean my brushes more often, since let's face it I did not clean as much as I needed too before. Best of all it doesn't break the bank.

Best I've ever used!

I have dark dark brown/black hair. I use the brunette shade and it works perfect for me! I don't like my brows stark black, it's too intense for me. This offers a dark enough shade to not look silly and still match my hair color. Lasts all day w/o a setting spray. Also I don't know if it's just me but is the spooly extra amazing on this??


When I swatched on my hand I could tell these had great staying power but when on the lips they are totally drying and accentuate all the fine lines in my lips. I have to put some chapstick on to make look decent. However thwy do last all day long. For the record, I do have dry lips and need moisturizing lip products.

Works great!

I love this stuff and its so affordable. It does spray a white powder so dont let that surprise you. Just let it sit for a min. Then shake fingers through roots and brush out hair. Adds volume and makes oil dispear! I'm on my second can.

Not Great\Not horrible

The staying power is decent ( almost whole work day) And the colors are nice I dont like shimmer on my face but I don't mind it in this blush, it doesn't show up much in thebronzer. The bronzer is not easy to blend. Iv'e had other drug store ones that work better. The blush is a lovely color but a bit shimmery. Overall it's ok. I use it but not often.

Looks great, lasts okay.

I love this maroon-ish shade i got from their matte collection but even with a sephora matte top coat it doesn't last well. maybe 3 days top w/ no houshold cleaning. For the record I am ver hard on my nails as well. A great mani for me lasts 6 days.

Great bang for your buck!!

These could easily be priced higher than $3. I have a couple shades (candid coral, mellow mauve) & they both work amazingly. Last all throughout my work day at least. Sometimes longer if I dont touch my face. I think Candid Coral gives the same glowing effect of NARS Orgasm.