Beauty Product Reviews

Natasha can do no wrong

This palette can look intimidating for those who are into more subtle, everyday makeup. I get that, but there’s something for everyone in here. The cream blush can be sheered out into the faintest of flushes and the cream highlight can give you that sought after, natural glow. That being said, this palette was made for people who want to boldly express themselves with editorial glam. The duochrome glow powder and even the diamond powder are simply stunning and so very inspirational. This palette is a game changer.

Very subtle with a second skin finish.

If you’re very fair and have difficulty finding the right bronzer, Bali Sands is for you. It isn’t overly pigmented and has just enough sheen to mimic your skin’s natural radiance. It is on the cooler side of neutral and will not leave you looking orange. It’s my go-to, winter bronzer. The one issue I’ve had is that it fades rather quickly on my skin tone (I’m a shade above fair and quite cool) if I don’t use setting spray. I don’t think this would be an issue with a darker shade and still recommend this product.

Viseart can do no wrong

I always go into this palette telling myself that I only need an all over lid shade. Ok, maybe also a transition. By the time I’m done, I realize that the deepening shades and pop colors are also calling to me. Needless to say, I wind up using this palette for nearly every look and wind up receiving so many compliments on my eyeshadow that I reach for it again the next day. Viseart’s formula is effortlessly blendable, buildable and perfectly pigmented. These palette are must haves.

Gorgeous but pricey

This blush has a very blendable, balmy texture that does not upset my oily skin, nor does it break up my foundations. The price point is difficult for me to reconcile as the shade is not exactly universal. It goes on very pink but it was the peachy/gold shift that eventually sold me on this product. I do love it and I’m glad that I broke down and purchased it but it’s just too ruddy for my cool toned days.

Just looks expensive on the skin. In a good way.

So unique in both shade and formula. It’s beautiful for sheering out foundation and gives your skin a sexy, sunset glow without compromising the formula. On its own, it is subtle but buildable and so very flattering on the cheekbones and forehead. I found it to be a little too rosy for the tip of the nose but that is far from a deal breaker.

Absolutely gorgeous

This is my first Viseart purchase and I’m hooked. The mattes are silky and super easy to blend and the metallics are beautiful and easy to apply with either brush or finger. The color scheme of this palette is phenomenally pretty. It’s simple to create an very quick, subtle look and equally as easy to smoke it out with the darker colors. I just love it.

ND just keeps getting better

I am admittedly a Natasha Denona fangirl. Her formulas are unparalleled, vibrant and blendable. I don’t know how she did it, but the matte in this palette is the creamiest and most pigmented that I’ve ever worked with. There is zero fallout with this palette, even the chroma crystal doesn’t rain glitter onto your cheeks like the Star Palette shades do. I only planned to purchase Joya, but I can’t pass up on Aeris now that I’ve experienced these formulas.

Gorgeous powder

This powder is so silky and the finish is just incredibly smooth, a blurred satin matte. I still need to set my t-zone with a translucent powder first, but this takes away and chalkiness or flatness left behind. It’s simply beautiful. Truly the perfect finishing powder.

Foolproof wings and massive lashes.

The liner lives up to the hype. I sincerely cannot mess up winged liner with this tip and this formula doesn’t burn, smudge or wipe away on my very watery eyes. I’m obsessed. The mascara is great too, I’ve seen it compared to Better Than Sex but for me it reminds me more of The Shock mascara by YSL. It’s great for that over-the-top lash look that doesn’t require falsies. I was impressed at the staying power. It didn’t run or smear and the flaking was very minimal. Definitely worth the price for this duo!

Unique and beautiful

This mascara is absolutely phenomenal. It makes your lashes long, thick and basically bulletproof. My lashes remind me of patent leather, spike heeled stilettos. This formula does not smudge or flake but does wash off quite easily. Most importantly, it doesn’t irritate my sensitive, watery eyes or stick to my contacts. I don’t have a single complaint about this mascara. Give it a try!