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Diamond & Blush Palette

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Takada S.

チークのカラーが合わないかもと思ってましたが、実際つけると合ったので安心しました。 華やかになるので、顔が明るくなります。 春夏に向いてるカラー。 ハイライターもツヤツヤで濡れたようなツヤも作れて、楽しめそうです。 特にラメが入ったタイプは濡れツヤがすごい!可愛いです。 大きめなので、ブラシもフワッとした膨らんだものでも使えます。

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Nay M.

I waited for sometime before buying this, only because when it 1st launched, I wasn't as good applying my makeup as I am now. I truly love this palette (use it in conjunction with her contour/highlight palette). The creams blend like a dream, they can be built up or sheared out depending what you're going for. The powders are beautiful and layer well with the creams. They don't clump up, they don't look muddy. You just have a truly healthy glow. And the highlighter 😍🤩😍Stunning- both layered and separately I adore peach/pink mixed blushes, gives the skin a nice healthy look. Extremely happy with my purchase! Side note: just want to thank Beautylish for always having stellar products, amazing customer service & the care they put into all the packaging when the orders are sent out. Really love this company. Keep up the great work & continue to stay safe everyone!

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Yanny Z.
love the (subtle) shimmer but not the color

I have really fair skin and slightly yellow undertone, the two shades in the middle row are blushes, but not for people with similar skin color to mine. ( and i tried to use them with different bronzer to match)

It's like children makeup, very weird and dramatic.

Other shades are pretty and good for daily use, the shades in the third row looks good on eyelid too.

Ruth G.
Just Gorgeous!!

Another amazing product by Natasha Denona. I love this palette so much. The diamond powder is beautiful in particular.

Jennifer M.
Stunning and versatile

I love everything about this Palette - it has every finish you could want...cream, creamy powder, shimmer, glitter, everything. The extra packaging touch of having the clear plastic cover for the cream products is a pampering and useful feature. You can pick a beautiful flowy highlight but using the diamond highlight adds a gorgeous golden/champagne glitter finish that is perfect for décolletage especially in the summer. The pans are huge and will last forever...but I wouldn’t hesitate to repurchase this if I ever panned them.

Sally M.

I could have never loved any blushes than this! It looks darker than in the pans, but goes very naturally on my skin. I’m pretty fair but having warm tone. This is really beautiful palette for spring and summer.

Diana B.

This is my first purchase from Natasha Denona and I LOVE this diamond and blush palette!!! Now I want to get the other one!!!!!

Melanie D.

I don't want to sound old-fashioned but this entire set makes you feel pretty! I enjoy it so much, am surprised at how much I want to use this almost every day. I did not know if I would use the cream like blush but I use that one more than the powder & I love that one too. For those on the fence, if you add up all the blushes you buy in a year that end up being too dry, too patchy/ too pink, you don't have to worry about it. It is just perfection.

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Tracy R.
Blends like a dream!

All of the cream shades blend beautifully and the powders can be natural or built up to blinding!

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Jennifer W.

I love love this blush palette! It so beautiful you can go from day to night with this one palette. It’s very shimmy/glittery. There’s only one shade that doesn’t have glitter or shimmer in it which is the middle cream one, so you must go light handed in all of them. I’ve used all the colors, start with the creams first than top those off with the powders. These can be as subtle as you want or as bold as you like, this palette has it all. I also have the contour palette sculpt n glow, there prefect for traveling just grab this blush palette n sculpt contour palette, mascara, a eyeshadow palette, lipstick n a few brushes n ur out the door, I also have the mini blush n glow which is prefect for ur handbag or if you don’t want to take ur large diamond blush palette traveling. I also love that it has a divider to protect the creams from the powders, just like the Sculpt n glow palette. Worth every penny.

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