Beauty Product Reviews

Pretty good!!

I love baby lips. I have all the colors and love them. The only color I am disappointed in is the red cherry. It looks like it would be a nice deep shade of red, but its actually pink. So that made me a little upset. But all the other colors are amazing! I'm a huge Baby Lips fan!


I love doll lashes. I had the sample, and really liked it. So I went out and bought it! It a little on the expensive side, but I think it's worth it!

Love it!

I love this product. It goes on so smooth and stays all day. I can't wait to go shopping and get all the other colors! I would easily recommend this to everyone(:

Pretty good!

I got this for Christmas and I love it. The only part that I don't like is that the bronzers are really powdery. That probably sounds weird because it os powder, but when you but a brush over them it leaves a lot of residue. But I love it! I would recommend it to anybody!