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Beauty Product Reviews

Perfect lower lash

I always backed away from this brush thinking it was way big and then saw a you tuber gushing about it.... this brush perfectly smokes out my lower lash line in a snap. It is also super soft. Don’t let the size intimidate you, it is amazing quality and makes lower lash line work easy and quick.

Move Over Edward Cullen

If you want to look like Edward Cullen in the sun, use this as an all over setting powder... if not it makes a beautiful accent powder that gives you amazing sparkle anywhere you put it. The best part about it is that I can actually use this on top of my large pores and it doesn't emphasize them like other powders with a sheen will. The texture is so smooth, rubbing it between your fingers is super silky and doesn't have any glittery chunkiness. It's just beautiful... I will be using this all summer all over my body.

Beautiful, soft, amazing brushes

These brushes aren’t only gorgeous, they are super soft and blend everything to perfection, 3 of them are similar to the 2016 collection but are different enough that if you have 2016 and love them you need 2018 too! My only wish is for a more balanced collection between eye and face. As usual the Beautylish team gives the best customer service of any company I have ever ordered from.

New Favorite

This is my new favorite palette! everything blended perfectly, the colors are gorgeous and it gives me the shimmer and sparkle I need. Many of the shadows go on like they are wet and I found none of them to be patchy or require work at all.

Just OK

I have all of the ND palettes and this is my least favorite. This is the palette that made me realize I am not an all matte girl. I want shimmer and sparkle. I am not satisfied at all with an all matte look. I found it difficult to get good color saturation on my eyes with several of the shadows even with packing them on. They were splotchy and creased a lot for me.

Perfect everyday

I have been looking for a great everyday palette, toyed with Tom Ford, Charlotte Tilbury and then this gem came out. I love all ND palettes i have (only one i am missing is the 28 pan green/brown), so it was a no brainer. Didn’t disappoint at all... perfectly blendable, pigmented and versatile. I would buy it again and recommend to everyone.


I love the Wayne Goss brushes and kick myself still for missing out on The Artist Brush from last year. When I saw this one, I thought it looked too sparse to be effective but bought it anyway because I didn't want to miss anything. It is incredibly soft and diffuses even the craziest highlighter to a perfectly wearable finish on my skin which has fine lines and some texture. I just got it in the mail today and am already considering purchasing a back up.

Mostly good

I have wanted to try these for a long time, but kept putting it off. Luckily, I got Marie Antoinette in my 2017 Lucky Bag and was beyond thrilled. The color is amazing, texture really beautiful and can be layered for a sheer or opaque eye. This one is fantastic for a one and done eye look. I have rather oily lids and was disappointed that even with a decent primer, it did crease on me after about an hour. If I had gone for a more sheer look, it would probably have been fine, so I still need to play with it. The second time I set it with Natasha Denona Antique Olive shadow which is a very close color and had no issues. I was all prepared to buy every one, but the creasing I had takes the ease of a one and done look away for me and no longer makes owning every color desirable. This is something you'll have to try for yourself.


I love the Wayne Goss brushes... this one especially I use for under eye, lid, highlight and pretty much anything else. It is a pleasure and one if the softest. I just purchased a second, that is how much I love it!


Usually shadows crease and I need to build and build and fix + to get excellent opacity and shimmer. This was perfection at the first swipe. I will definitely be buying more! Easy to use and I didn't have to deal with fall out.

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